February 24, 2014

Feb 23, 2014 - "Pay her no mind. She's been havin a mully-grub day..."

Here's the latest from Sister Jacobs. ~Lisa

** Disclaimer: Sis Tanner and I have specifically been working on using Southern talk. So. If you find any from here on out, don't judge. But feel free to laugh :) **

Family and friends!!
This week has seriously flown by!! I can't even believe that it's Monday again! Wasn't it Monday yesterday?! Haha.
Well. We have more updates on investigators! Yay! We finally met with K. again and she's golden!! She's been reading from the Book of Mormon on her own and has committed to be baptized the end of March. So... as we're working with her, we're trying to find a way to get the rest of the family on the band wagon as well. We normally just teach her, but we're gonna teach all of them (7 kids ranging from 13 to 18 months...) on Tuesday! Ah! :)
And M. Our dear, sweet M. We taught her this week and she's keeping all of her commitments. All of them! Now, what kind of 15-yr-old reads 5 verses every day before she does homework? I'll tell you what kind, an elect one! :) She's awesome. As we taught her the plan of salvation, she told us that Heavenly Father has been showing her what being a Mormon can mean for her. She is probably one of the most prepared people I've ever met. She has also committed to be baptized the end of March :)

One of my favorite things ever is watching the progress of those we work with. Like the R. Family. They're a less active family. Bro R. grew up LDS, but just kinda stopped, and Sis R. was baptized at 12 with her family but wasn't ever really active. The sister missionaries have been working with them since July-ish. And the coolest things happened this week. We went by to see them on Wed morning and they were still in bed. Their 4 year old answered the door, haha. So Bro R. came out and told us to come back later, when we hear from the other room, "No! God sent them! Gimme a minute and I'll be up!" Haha. Oh yeah. And Sis R. has a broken rib, among other things. So it was kind of a big deal :) We got to talk to them and teach them a bit. Then on Sunday we had our regular visit and Sis R. opened her BofM with us to read. She's never done that before. We asked them if we could pray before we left and she, "Alright. Kids, come'ere! Kneel down and fold your arms." Then her husband proceeded to choose someone to pray without us asking him to. It was so cool! :) It's the little things that make a big difference.

Quote for the week: "The highest form of influence is to be a model, not a critic; a light, not a judge" It's so true!! So go out and be a light! :)

I forgot about T. How, I dunno!! Okay. So remember how ever single day last week we were on foot from the storm, we saw T.? Well. she described to us where she lived and every time we were in that area, we'd take a couple of minutes and try to find her house. And we finally did!! We didn't have her number or nothin, so we just popped in on her and taught her. We taught her the restoration and after that she proceeded to talk to us for 30 minutes about how the first time she saw us, Heavenly Father told her that we were His servants and that He was going to show her His glory through us! What?! :) Talk about elect! :) Anyway, she's cool. When we asked her to kneel in prayer about the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith being a prophet, she said, "Well. I will. But I already know the answer!" Wow! :) I can't believe I forgot to write about her! She's praying about being baptized. :)
Anyway. The work is going quite nicely! I've never been more busy my entire mission! :) A lot of missionaries told me things about this area... mainly that it's a "dead" area. But it's not! There's no such thing as a dead area!! Remember that! Where ever you are, there's no such thing as a dead area! :) Find those that are ready! Because they're there!! :)
Love y'all!!
~Sis Jacobs.

The froggy friend we found while doing service.

 It was in the 70s again this week. So pretty :)

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