February 3, 2014

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays... Dec. 23, 2013

... for no matter how far away you roam. If you want to he happy in a million ways, share the Gospel and you'll feel at home sweet home! :)

Hello one and all!!
This one is gonna be a bit short. Why? Because I get to "see" you on WEDNESDAY!! AH!! :) Oh man. I'm a little excited! It'll be like... Christmas!! Haha! :)

Update. The skype "call" (what do I even call it? I'm already losing what little technology knowledge I have!) will be at 1:30p GA time. So what, that's 10:30a Washington time? Just make sure you're awake and on some sort of something with a webcam. Papa's probably already got it figured out. Buuut, I just thought I'd bring it up.

Aaaaand this week was good! The highlight was the Mission Christmas party. I love loving people! And I love seeing friends who haven't seen each other in forever reunite! It's a blessing, really truly. I love this ward and they make me feel right at home :) Nothing can beat a rainy Washington Christmas with the family, but a rainy Georgia Christmas with the ward and mission family is a close second :)

Last night we went caroling with some families and it was the best feeling in the world. I almost forgot how much I like to sing! We weren't spectacular, but we had testimonies and we shared them through song. :) 

Other than that... the M Family is doing great! Actually... they're sick. But they're progressing with the Gospel! Haha. And our 3 other investigators are doing well, too. We haven't gotten in with them too much because of the holidays... but we keep in touch with them and they're awesome :)

Ooooh wait. Guess who I saw on Saturday?! E! An investigator from my first area! She was at the church for a party and Sis Sullivan and I had to grab something at the church. So we did, and we bumped into her! We both screamed a little bit. It was a tender moment. :) She's not taking the lessons anymore, but she keeps going to church and I'm sure she'll come around someday :)

Okay really though, that's all for this week!
Merry Christmas and I'll see some of you in a couple of days!! :) :)

~Sis Jacobs.

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