November 26, 2013

All things considered . . . I'm doing just fine!

Mon. Nov. 25, 2013

Hello my wonderful family and friends! :)
This week has been all sorts of ups and downs, just like a mission always is :)
On Wednesday and Thursday the cold got the best of me and I was down and out. Sister Marshall made me drink lots of water and take some medicine to get me better. Which was good. because we all know how I feel about water. And medicine, haha. On Wednesday morning we asked the zone leaders to come and give me a blessing. When they showed up, I answered the door and one of them goes, "ooh. Um... wow. Are you doin alright?" I didn't feel that bad. but apparently I looked it, haha :)
Halfway through the week we heard rumor that one of the sets of sisters in Paper Mill was going to become 50/50 YSA and Paper Mill sisters. And we heard that the zone is splitting. And we heard that there are going to be the first set of Spanish speaking sisters. And we heard that transfers were going to happen early because of Thanksgiving. So much was in the air and I think it's fair to say we were going crazy. Sooooooooo. Here's the low down. The only thing that's changing is my companion. Anticlimactic, right? Haha. All I can say is there must be a reason why I'm here. Heavenly Father called me here, English. And even after another opportunity, I'm English again. Which I'm beginning to appreciate, I think. But on the upside... I get to be here for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!! Which I'm stoked for. The members here rock. Seriously :)
Speaking of which... Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!! Something that Sis Marshall and I have been doing and challenging others to do is... be grateful!! Try to only be grateful in your prayers. It gets easier as it goes... and it helps in praying with faith :)
We kind of a cool experience yesterday. We were tracting in an apartment complex (love that!) and it was cold. And it was almost time to go to dinner. I mentioned the cold and Sis Marshall goes, "it just means that there's someone super important for us to find!" The next door? A lady opened the door. She has 2 cute boys. She has been trying to make it to church the past few weeks, but something always comes up. We knocked on her door and she was so excited because she knew we were sent from God. We talked to her quite a bit and then we asked if we could share a scripture with her because she missed church. I looked at her and asked, "Do you have faith that if I open this book to a random scripture that it will be a message that God wants you to hear?" She said yes. So I did. And I don't remember what the scripture was, but I do remember that she teared up and she needed exactly that. We left that very Book of Mormon with her and she was excited for it :) We'll be going back very soon :)
Most importantly are our two very progressing investigators! One is going in for a surgery on Wednesday so we haven't been able to actually meet with her, but we've kept in contact. Her phone is working again, thank goodness :)
Then we taught our other investigator again yesterday. The Portuguese elders weren't able to be there, so we taught him with his girlfriend, the member. He is *so* ready for the Gospel! We taught him some of the commandments and he asked if he could start paying tithing before he gets baptized! Wow. The Spirit was so strong :) Later we got a phone call from the Portuguese Elders and they said that they had dinner with the two of them and asked them about goals they had for the upcoming year. She said that hers was a secret. He said that he wanted to get to the temple and he also had a secret. So... wedding bells anyone?!?! Haha. I hope so. They're adorable. :)
Christmas info!! Because all of the letters, cards and packages that will be going through the mission office for the holidays, they have asked that all letters, cards and packages be sent directly to our apartments. This will be through the end of December, then it'll go back to the mission office. That address is:
Sister Ashley Jacobs
1818 Greyfield Ln
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
I love you all dearly and I'm excited to "see" the fam in a month!!! :) :) (We get to skype or do Google Hang out on Christmas Day.)
Oh! Speaking of which. Please make a list of questions you'd like me to answer! This is only one of 2 phone calls that we'll have and I wanna make it awesome!! Also, if there are things I write about that you wanna hear in more detail, I can definitely do that. I'll be coming up with some questions of my own :)
Love you all!!
~Sister Jacobs.