February 3, 2014

Allelujah, He is my Savior! Today He is born! :) Dec. 30, 2013

(Vocal Point's Lead Thou me On. Track 5. It's my favorite EVER!) :)

Hello one and all! :)

Sooooooooo... This week rocked. Am I right? Haha.

For Christmas Eve, we were able to go over to a Member's home where like 3 families from the ward joined us! We had dinner, and then we all reenacted the story of Christ's birth. There was lots of singing and kids running around and jumping and being the best angels, and sheep they could be :)  After that, the father of the family read Twas the Night Before Christmas and we all joined in on the parts that we knew. It was perfect :)

We were able to visit some less actives that day and it was wonderful :) We indeed fell asleep with the vision of sugar plums dancing in our heads :)

Christmas was FANTASTIC! :) We got to visit some members before our Skype and that was just lovely. Christmas time is simply magical :) Of course Skyping was magical, too! To see all of your bright smiling faces and to hear your happy, happy voices :) Thank you so much for making my Christmas so wonderful! :) We were able to go out and do some work before our Christmas dinner :) It was so fun to be with the Frandsens, to share a Christmas thought and then to make cookies and ornaments for their neighbors :) 

We received some awesome news this week!! Remember D.? He got baptized a couple of weeks ago. Well he and his girlfriend (who introduced him to the church) are engaged!! :) They're waiting til next December to get married so they can be sealed in the temple :) It's so amazing when recent converts really do understand how important the temple is :)

This week as we were tracting, we knocked on a Jewish lady's door. She was about to close the door when we just simply asked her about her beliefs. While we were talking, her son's friend showed up, so he went into their home to hang out while we continued talking. We had a lovely conversation and then as we were saying good bye, Jared (the son's friend) said, "Hold on. Can I talk to them?" So then we talked to him! He has a lot of questions that through prayer and study, we're excited to answer! :) The Lord works in mysterious ways :)

We're just gonna keep finding and teaching and praying and working and some day one of these seeds is gonna sprout :)

Thank you so much for all of the support! I have truly felt an outpouring of love from my family and friends this season :) Now that postage has settled down a bit, the mission office would like all mail to be sent to them, and then it will be forwarded out to us missionaries. That address is...
Sister Ashley Jacobs
Georgia Atlanta North Mission
1150 Cole Dr. SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Love y'all lots! I'll email you next year! :)
~Sister Jacobs

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