February 3, 2014

"Com'ere right quick!" Jan 13, 2014

Howdy y'all!!

This week has been so great!! I got a couple of days to say goodbye to the people I love in Paper Mill... and then I headed out to Hartwell, GA! This area is the biggest geographical unit in the mission... but the smallest branch in the mission! We have like 40/50 people come to church on average a week. If y'all are lookin at it on a map, it borders South Carolina. Sooooo I moved pretty much across the entire mission. And lemme tell you, it's a completely different world out here. A world that I have fallen in love with! :)
Sister Tanner is my new companion. She's from New Plymouth, ID. She's been out 3 months and I absolutely adore her! She's like a combination between Andrea Jacobs and Jessie Judson. So... she's adorable. Obviously :) We get along super well and we talk. A lot! It's so great :) Every day we find more quirky little things that we have in common. It's really fun :)
My first day in Hartwell, I met a lady named J. She's a super sweet lady that the sisters have been working with for like 4 months. Oh yeah. She got baptized on Saturday :) The weather was pretty bad, but nothing was gonna stop her from getting baptized! Not even tornado warnings! Being the out-of-the-loop missionaries we are, we didn't realize the weather was tornado worthy til we got to the church and heard the news from members. Don't worry, we're all safe. And most importantly, J had her special day :) The service was so wonderful and I asked her how she felt (my favorite question) and she said, "I wanna jump up and down, but I'm afraid I'll break somethin!" She compared her baptism when she was 13 to her baptism on Saturday and said that it's different because this baptism didn't mark an end, but rather a beginning! She's looking forward to the temple and callings and getting a patriarchal blessing. I sure love her :) We're gonna start teaching her granddaughter, next :)
There were so many fun adventures that we've had this week! Like tracting my first trailer park! :) We found an older gentleman who seemed pretty uninterested, but when the conversation turned to Utah, he stopped and said, "God told me to go to Utah, but I didn't. I'm supposed to be there." That really hit him. We're going back on Thursday to teach him more :)
Sunday was so great! I love my new cute little branch! We have 6 missionaries serving here, too! We have a set of Elders, Sisters and a senior couple named the Elders. So we have the Elders, the Sisters and Elder Elder and Sister Elder. Confusing, right? :) I love it here. I love visiting members, less actives, investigators and recent converts and teaching them about the infinite love that Heavenly Father has for them. I adore these people and I'm so excited to learn what Heavenly Father has in store for this wonderful branch :)
Love y'all!
~Sister Jacobs

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