February 3, 2014

You gottta keep your head up - Dec. 16, 2013

Hello one and all!! :)

Can you believe it's been another week?! Wow! Monday again... time sure flies! :)

First and foremost... the our investigator, L. update! :) She's alive!!!! We called her and got some stuff worked out. She's out of town til the New Year but wants us to come over and teach her again after that. We'll probably start from square one again to make sure that she really understands what she needs to. But til then... prayers are always good! As Sis Sullivan and I talked about it later, we realized that we both felt a little off about giving her a baptismal date so soon (the 14th). Obviously that was the Spirit. So. While that was a tough way to learn that lesson... I also learned that this really is the Lord's work and we can't frustrate it! "Remember, remember that it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men" (D&C 3:3) No matter what we do, as long as we're doing our best, Heavenly Father is gonna make sure that whatever needs to happen, happens! We also learned to really listen to the Spirit this week. We had some really cool experiences!! I'll share those in a bit. 

On Wednesday night we were on our way to visit a less active and I thought of a potential to stop by. She wasn't home. On our way out of the neighborhood, I remembered another potential that we needed to follow up with. Sis Sullivan asked me if I was avoiding the less actives, haha. I told her I didn't think so, but that these names were just coming in my head. We knocked on the door and they gently declined us. No big. As we walked back to the car, the mom opened the door, and her daughter came out to talk to us. Sooooo we talked to her for a good 15-20 mins, gave her a Book of Mormon, and she seems really interested! Vamos a ver! :)

On Friday we had another Spirit Scavenger Hunt! We were doing our tracting, and Sis Sullivan goes, "Um. Let's not do this door. I just heard the word 'go'". So we skipped it. Then she said, "Okay. This is super weird. But I think we should go to Harbor Pointe." (A complex near ours) Ooookay. So we got in the car and started to head out. But then we both felt weird about going there. So we pulled over and prayed. Sis Sullivan said that she imagined a member's face. And I thought of their house. Sooo... we went to that member's house! And they didn't need anything. But. The point is, we were listening to the Spirit. I think Heavenly Father was teaching us to follow Him better. It was cool :) I'm really excited for the day when we get to see why we have silly promptings. It's comforting to know that someday I'll know. And right now, I don't have to :)

Saturday was a special day! We went to visit a less active family and they weren't home. So we decided to knock on some doors around their complex. And that's when we found a mom and 2 kids. The mom was going to gently decline, but then the daughter asked if we wanted to come in! Haha. We got talking to them and ended up teaching a first lesson. It was a-ma-zing! We're going to see them again tomorrow and they're so excited for church.

Sunday was.... *drumroll* One of our investigator's baptism!!! Yay for him! :) It was so wonderful. It was simply perfect! After it was over, I asked him how he felt. He didn't say anything, but he just looked at me and beamed the most pure smile I've ever seen in my entire life. It was so amazing to be a part of teaching him and helping him to come closer to His Savior. And gosh, he and his girlfriend are just so cute! haha. :)

Missionary work can be hard. And missionary work can be incredibly joyful! This week, I more clearly understand that this is the Lord's work. I know that He simply lets us be a part of it because He knows how much joy it brings us. I know He loves me. He loves you! What a wonderful message. His love is truly the message of Christmas :)

~Sister Jacobs.

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