February 17, 2014

Feb. 17, 2014 - "I'm sittin' on the stool!! I don't got no time to talk!"

Hey y'all!!

Okay. This is gonna be a quicky. Just the highlights. Which will be hard because this week has been full of miracle after miracle!
First, to answer your question... the snow was fantastic!!! :) We parked our cars and bikes on Tuesday, but we still went out, and that was fun :) While we were tracting, people kept asking us if we had our extra milk and bread. Milk and bread? Haha. It was funny. :) Wednesday was another SNOW DAY! President told us to stay inside unless we felt like it wasn't icy in our area. We got lots and lots of snow and ice. It was rather exciting. :) Thursday morning it was too frozen to drive, so we got some walking done and just stayed close to home. We tried to see if we could help shovel someone's driveway or side walks or something... but guess what? They don't have snow shovels here!! Or rock salt. Our landlord covered the sidewalks in sand. Like... sandbox sand. Not sure if it worked... but it was nice of him to take care of us! We never lost power or nothin, so that was good. Even after the earthquake! Yup! There was a 4.1 earthquake Friday night! And I survived! Haha. Over the course of my mission, I've survived a tornado (that happened my first week out...), a snow storm, an ice storm and an earthquake! Sweet! :)
On Friday we went on an exchange and I ended up going to another area for the day. That night we saw a less active who was super sweet. She's been to church for the last like... month or two, but she's still working to find her testimony. She's read like 167 pgs in the Book of Mormon in the last 2 days. She's really serious about finding her testimony.

She asked me if I'd ever asked Heavenly Father how much He loves me. I told her no, but shared an experience with prayer I had a long time ago. I told her I haven't had a prayer like that since, but it was a cool experience. She asked me why it changed. I told her that it was because I'd never been able to put myself in the same mindset I did then. She asked if I thought that He changed, too. Well... no. He doesn't change. And that was her point. No matter how we pray, Heavenly Father never says, "Meh. She's only putting in 50% tonight. I'm only gonna put 50% into her answer." I felt like she was teaching us! So I asked her how she has such a strong testimony about God's love. And, to make a long story short, she said, "Because He heals temporal pain with eternal power." Woah. That made me think. The next day she wanted to help me with something for a minute and after she helped me she said, "Sis Jacobs. I want you to know something. The question that you asked me last night made me really think. and I know. I know that God loves me, I can't deny it. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, I can't deny it. And I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, I can't deny it." Sis Blaylock looked at her and said, "I always knew that you knew!" and she said, "Yeah... but it's different to be able to finally say it myself." The church is true!!! :)
Love y'all! Have a blessed day!
~Sis Jacobs.

Snow storm in Hartwell, Georgia!

My cute little snowman. I love him!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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