March 8, 2014

March 3, 2014 - "I have an IQ. It's 2 points higher than a moose. But I have one."

Hey all!
Sometimes I look back on the week and I can't believe it's Monday again. But then I go through the week and I feel like the events that happened were forever ago!
Fact: From May to February is 9 months.
Fact: Feb 29th, 2014 doesn't exist
Conclusion: My "hump day" is nonexistent :)

Because of the marvelous month of March... we decided to do our own month of consecration, like the whole mission did back in July. We named it, "March Madness, Month of Miracles!" Our theme song is, "We are all enlisted" (One of President's favorites) and our theme scripture is Alma 26:12 :) Because obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles!! :)
We continue to teach people and teaching is good.

The R. Family is still progressing and all Sis Tanner and I can talk about when we leave their home is how much the Spirit has changed. We're having FHE with them tonight. :)

These upcoming weeks are really gonna rock. We have Elder Cook coming to speak to both us and the Atlanta mission this Saturday (woot!), the next week is Zone Conference, and 2 weeks after that is General Conference!! Woo hoo!! :) Talk about a spiritual high!!
I love it out here :)
~Sis J.

Guidestones. Yup. Hartwell is really exciting :P

Vanessa rocks. And within the next few years I'm totally learning Armenian.

"Sister Hagopian" :)

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