March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - "I'm fixin to break the Sabbath with some Taco Bell . . . want anything?"

Hey y'all!! 
This week has been great!

We had another mouse! Don't worry. He's gone now. Did you know that if
you're a missionary and you name an animal, it dies? If you have a
mouse, name it. If a member gets a pet and doesn't know what to name
it... don't help. Haha 

The last few weeks the Ross' haven't made it to church for various
reasons and Sis Tanner and I talk about it later and we both feel like
we should stop at their place on the way to church but we keep quiet.
Well. This week we did it! Haha. We made sure they were up and going
and they came!! They have a friend, Kayla, who is moving in with her
super adorable 14-month-old son. Kayla isn't a member and one of Sis
Ross' "requirements" for Kayla to live there is that she goes to
church with them. So we're reviewing the lessons with the Ross' and
teaching them to Kayla for the first time. Yay!! 

And of course the General Women's meeting! It crossed my mind that I
was watching the broadcast with all of the wonderful women I know all
over the world. It was tender 

Transfers have come upon us again! Fastest 6 weeks ever, am I right?!
I'm staying here in Hartwell and Sister Tanner is being booted out 
BUT! My new companion will be Sister Reese!! She served in my last
area at the same time as me! We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas
together! And the best part? I totally called it! I've never been able
to predict transfers before, but I've been thinking about Sis Reese a
ton lately. I'm really excited!  She will also be the first
companion I've had that has been out longer than 3 months!
But I'm gonna miss Sister Tanner a lot. We're basically besties. 

Well... I know this email is a short one. But I'm a short one too. 
Love y'all!  Happy General Conference! 
~Sis J.
Dinner. I finally made Lobster Biscuits!

Prettiest home EVER! We pass it every day on our way to Jane's. :) 

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