March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 - "The greatest thing about prayer is you gotta use a Southern Accent!"

Fun quote: "I might could if you learnt me how!"

Hey all!

Where to begin?!
Oh I know! How about the Lord stretching me and putting me in situations to help me grow? Yeah. Okay. First of all. Playing piano at district meeting. And relief society. And Primary. ... Primary?! Yeah. Primary. And singing in Sacrament meeting. *and* singing on Thursday at Zone Conference for Elder Kopishke. The General Authority. Yeah, that guy. Super stoked!! :) I just know that Heavenly Father is blessing me... because there's no way these fingers could plunk how I plunked on Sunday. (And believe me. I was plunking, haha)

Earlier on this week, we got a call from Sis R. that said that she had good news (woo hoo!), that she had invited some ladies to church... and that on Sunday morning she was gonna go over to their homes and make sure they were getting ready for church before it started. What?!? :) It was so special! (Also. FHE at their home was great. I'm so excited to do it again tonight!) We've been texting Sis R. every day reminding her to say her prayers and you would not believe the improvement we've seen in that wonderful little family. They really made church a priority on Sunday! ....until a skunk sprayed their 2 dogs and 17 cats that morning and they couldn't even open a window or door without gagging! (welcome to the South...) Sister R.'s only comment was, "I know God created all things... but when he woke up this mornin to the stink of that skunk He must've said, "I made a bad decision when I created that one!!"" Haha. I love her :) The branch President wanted to meet with them, so they came a few hours after church when they could make it out of the stench barricade, haha. :)

Oh yes. And Elder Cook!! It was so good!!! I just wish I could copy all my notes and somehow send the Spirit we felt there! :) It was so wonderful. I loved singing the opening and closing hymns with such great power of 2 missions! (The Georgia Atlanta North Mission and the Georgia Atlanta Mission.) I totally saw Sis Amanda Fee there. :)) One of the things that stuck out to me was this quote, "Thank you little black name tag for giving me license to have intimate experiences with complete strangers." At the very end, he left us a promise that what we're doing here will bless us, everyone that we do love, and everyone that we will ever love. Wow. What a blessing. I didn't know it before, but I really needed that :)

Sunday was branch conference. It was all about families and I loved it. I took lots of notes for my "future journal" :) The Stake President focused on being a little better in Relief Society. He said that he'd been thinking and something that he could do is being nicer to his cat. "Will that keep me out of the Celestial Kingdom? Well. I don't know if cats will be there anyway..." Haha.

I love y'all!! The church is true!! :)

~Sis Jacobs.

We are family! I got all my "district" and me! :) All reunited at the Elder Cook meeting :)

Why yes, we are in The South...

One of our investigators and his prized possession.

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