October 1, 2014

Sept. 29, 2014

Quote of the week: '1 Nephi 2:15 really stuck out to me . . . "

Aloha one and all! :)

Well. This week flew by.

M. and A. We missed them. A lot. Glad they're back in town :) They're doing really well! We've mapped out all the rest of the lessons they need to take and things and they're ready to do it! I just love them :) They're loving the Book of Mormon and have lots of questions. The quote of the week is actually from M. He was like, "that's such a random verse. Why did they put that in there?" And I was like, "Easy scripture mastery." Jokes. I didn't say that :) A. came to the General Women's Broadcast on Saturday! Was that not the best in the world? I think it was great! So A. is sandwiched between Sister Adorable and me and we kept leaning over to explain things at the same time, hah. It was funny :) It was a miracle! We asked her after it was over if she's receiving answers to her questions and she told us a cool story. The other day she was at work and a co-worker came up to her and told her that another co-worker commented on this new glow that A. has about her. "I didn't think anything of it until that talk about glowing. I've noticed the change inside of myself, but I didn't realize it's something that other people can see, too! Is that a sign?" Yes A., it is :) Miracle? yes. I believe so. :) The Spirit is real. Revelation is real. The Church is true, my friends! Surely it is :)

Our investigator C. is a rockstar! I don't even think we've talked about her. And by we I mean I. Hah. Go mission life. Anyway. She grew up in Arizona and she and her young family moved out here in May-ish. She was having a harder time finding friends than she thought, so her LDS friends in Arizona called up someone in the church and asked if we'd go by to let her know about the activities in the area. Well. That referral happened before I even got here. One of my previous companions, Sister Winegar, and I tried to meet her a million times. No luck. So then Sister Adorable got here and I was like, "heck, why not?" So we tried again and actually met her! She didn't really grow up with a religious background, but she knows that Christ is important and she wants to know how she can apply that in her life so her kids (4, 2 and 6 mos) can have that foundation. This last week she's been practicing prayer the way that we've taught her and she felt the spirit for the first time. She was lying in bed, half praying, half sleeping and she thought, "Are you really there? Do you really love me?" And an overwhelming warmth came over her whole body that she completely woke up and she said she almost felt silly for asking those questions, "Of course he loves me. Of course He's there." We had a really awesome conversation about listening to the Spirit. She's cool :)

I love it here. I look around this quiet library of people that I don't even know and I feel love. What on earth would ever give me such an opportunity to feel love? The calling of missionary. I am ever so grateful for it :)

Love y'all! Have a happy conference week! :) Prepare and I know you'll receive the instruction that you're seeking. 

~Sis Jacobs.

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