October 14, 2014

Oct. 14, 2014

Quote of the week: "Fall for Jesus because He never leaves!"

Happy fall, y'all! Sorry for the late email! Columbus day had all the libraries closed, so we're doing Pday today! Yay! :)

We've been working with a less active family, the W Family. They're awesome! We just stopped by and asked if we could practice the lessons on them and this is like the 3rd week that we've seen them. They're great! They watched a couple of conference talks and we helped the mom download the Gospel library app so she can listen to the Book of Mormon on her way to and from work :)

Tracting is so good! I know I talk about it a lot... but it's amazing to me how much better my days and weeks go when we make it a priority :) Every night we pray about where to tract and kinda narrow down to a couple of different streets. We felt prompted to go to a certain one and knocked a lot of doors. We didn't find any success and it was about time to go to our next appt. We knocked on one last door and a woman opened the door. She was exhausted because she had just moved in and couldn't lift anything because of her back problems. So we got to help her! I was so grateful for the opportunity to just... help someone on the spot! :) Did she become an investigator? Nah. But we got to help and that's all that matters :)

On Saturday, the Elders had a baptism and our investigator M. came to it! His wife, A., was at work so she wasn't able to come, but it was perfect. He turned to us and mentioned that he's been to lots of different baptisms for lots of churches, but on Saturday the person getting baptized wasn't just giving something, but he was receiving something, too. It was really cool :) Church on Sunday was perfect for them! Sometimes us missionaries hold our breath on testimony meeting Sundays because we never know what'll be said... but it was perfect! Tender mercy for sure :)

Yesterday we had another lesson with M. & A. and I love them :) They are sooooooo close! A. has the Gospel Library app on her phone and uses it all the time. He prefers the paperback copy. It's always a race between the two to see who can open up to the scripture faster :) The last few lessons that we've had in members' homes have been so good. We'll leave to go to our next appt or to get home on time and they've stayed talking with the members til like 10 or 10:30pm each time! Go fellowship! They're getting close. Sister Adorable and I know that they are one of the reasons that we're companions. We just connect with them real well :)

Life is good! I can't complain! I am so happy here. And I am so grateful every day for the people that the Lord has placed in my life. Sometimes I wonder why He loves me, but I never question that He does.

The church is true my friends!
~Sis Jacobs.

 I love the South in the fall! It's pretty. It's funny. This is pretty funny :)

The souvenir I got from biking on Tuesday :)

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