September 22, 2014

Sept. 22, 2014

Quote of the week: "Be an organ donor. Give your heart to Jesus."

Hello one and all! 
What a wonderful week!! We were able to do so much! We talked to so many people and taught so many lessons! It is just so good to work hard :) Did we reach all of our goals? Nah. In fact we were just shy of most of them. Was that frustrating? A bit. But we know we did our best and that's all that matters :)

Okay. So last week we did a musical # in church, Joseph Smith's First Prayer. I think I shared that last week... but anyway. It was really awesome and the Spirit was super strong :) That night we had dinner with the K. family. They're some of my favorite people. Usually after dinner and a thought, we'll spend a few minutes singing hymns and a couple of jazzed up primary songs. It's my favorite thing :) Anyway. Sis K wasn't at sacrament meeting because she's in the stake primary presidency, so she travels to other wards lots. She asked us to sing our song for her, and she recorded it on her camera. After dinner she came out with us for a lesson. Of course it fell through. So we thought we'd swing by J & M's house with a plate of cookies which we had made earlier that day. Convenient, no? :) So M comes out for a minute and she told us how bummed she is that she and J missed church. So Sis K whips out her camera and shows her! Tender mercy!! So then she's like, "J needs to see this!" So they let us come in and J is drawing this master piece of Christ mounting a horse with armor... something about reading 1 Nephi that reminded him of this dream he had of Christ mounting an armored horse. Anyway. M kindly interrupted him and we watched the video again. Once again the Spirit filled the room and brought J to tears. Sis Adorable and me, too. I know they know it's true. It's just up to them to make the decision. It's comforting to know that they still have good ties to members and missionaries, and they just want a break from the lessons. :)

Then there's our other investigators, M and A. Man. These two. They have my heart :) So we had a great lesson with them on Tuesday! We asked him how he felt about church and he had 2 comments. One related to the lesson. The other was, "Why is it that Mormons have a better ear and can sing so well?!" He explained that when he was in Priesthood, they didn't have a piano, but of course opened with a song and the men stayed in tune! He said that he almost had to stop singing and listen for a minute because he couldn't believe his ears. Oh yeah. M. majored in vocal performance. I almost joked that being Mormon gives the gift of vocal cords. But then I didn't. Haha :) They are so good. They love watching conference talks on They love reading the scriptures. They love lessons. They love the restored gospel! Which is great because the restored gospel loves them! :)
We just started meeting with them multiple times a week and this past week they went out of town so we only got to teach once. And as we got ready to leave M said, "I get why you want to meet more than once a week! Having you over only once is going to make this week so long!" Well yeah. For us, too. We're excited to see them again tomorrow :)

The culture of the GANM is changing! We are no longer doing scripture dinner thoughts! *Gasp* Instead, we're role playing with the members! 
We ask the members beforehand if they can think of a friend or family they they can impersonate and then we teach as if we're teaching them! We have had some seriously cool experiences with it. And I love it!! I've always liked role playing, but this is taking it to a whole new level! So fun :) So now... all we ever do is teach! When we're with investigators, we're teaching. When we're with less actives, we're teaching. When we're with recent converts, we're teaching. As we're contacting and tracting, we're teaching. And when we're with members we're --you guessed it-- teaching! :)

In fact. A couple of days ago we went to visit some members and their daughter in law was there. She has some interesting beliefs, but it was cool to get to know her. We presented this idea to the family to role play with them and Sis K goes, "Well. L isn't a member, you can practice on her!" We look over at L. and she was like, "sure!" So we did! It was really awesome. At the end, Sis K walked us to the door and was like, "Every time the missionaries come over, she leaves the room when they share a thought. This is the first time she's ever stayed. AND participated!" So cool. I love role playing :) Heck. I just love being a missionary :)

Well. I think I've taken up enough screen space this week.
It's been a good one and I'm looking forward to this upcoming week as well! :)
I love you all!!

~Sis Jacobs.

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