September 8, 2014

Sept. 1, 2014

Hello, hello, one and all!

Sometimes I feel like nothing happens in a week and then I look back and say, "What? That was this week?!?" Yeah. Pretty crazy.

We had a lesson with a super awesome couple, M. and A. We taught them quite a bit and they're very open and receptive to it all! She grew up catholic and he's currently into music ministry or something. They're so good at asking questions! I love it Questions are the best. Like, ever!

That day we had lunch with Sister Bennion (the mission President's wife) because she loves us I love her!! Our waiter talked to us about our name tags and so we got to teach him a little bit about the Gospel. I love this little black nametag

J. & M. are still rock stars!! They're a little bit slower with the lessons, but it's because they take every little thing in. He has said that he won't get baptized until he knows without a shadow of a doubt that this is what the Lord wants for him, but when he does get that confirmation, we won't be able to fill the font quickly enough. They're getting there We had a really good question/answer lesson with them. Man. I love that couple

We're still meeting with S., a recent convert who got baptized in Feb. We were able to help her with Family Search to get some names and she's going to the temple on Wed She's cute

G. dropped us for lessons, but we still text him scriptures and invite him to church and stuff and he loves learning and praying. Honestly. If I could copy and paste some of his texts, you'd think that he was getting baptized this week. The main reason he stopped meeting with us is because his wife thinks we're crazy and refuses to come to like a dinner or activity with us present.

We're back in with O.! He kinda dropped for a while but we decided to go back. We taught a completely different lesson than we had planned and it was soooo good! We were able to actually sit with him just study from the Bible and Book of Mormon and help him to see the similarities. It was good.

aaaand that's about it!
Love y'all!
~Sis Jacobs.

Lunch with Sister Bennion and the sister missionaries

Sister Paepae. I went on my first exchange with her over a year ago and she's my hero.
She came back with her husband! ( ah!!) and we saw her on Sunday.

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