August 26, 2014

Mon. Aug. 25, 2014

Quote of the week:  "I will take care of you, just use your talents and leave the rest to Me"

What a week. A week of reflection and pondering.

Our investigators J and M came to church yesterday!! :) They fit in so well. Like... sooo well. The ward is so supportive of people visiting and it has been amazing to see! :) The topics were perfect! That can be a scary thing sometimes, wondering what the talks are going to be on. But this week was awesome. I think he really enjoyed seeing members of all ages talk in sacrament meeting.

Our other investigator G. is a rockstar, too. We had another lesson with him and he's so great :) The members are doing a great job of helping him feel welcome. We still haven't met his wife yet, she thinks we're weird, haha. Or so he says. So we're in the process of scheduling something with members so she can meet them and realize that we're all normal people who believe in the same Jesus Christ :)

Zone Conference week!! I love zone conf. Love it!! We learned about the movie coming out in October, 'Meet the Mormons' Aaaand... we can go!! Haha. We're telling all the people we can about it :) It'll be great!

President also mentioned iPads. He said that according to Salt Lake, our mission is dead.last. on the list to have them. Why? Because we don't need them! Lots of missions have had to practically give up on tracting (knocking door to door) or do it simply to fill time. But our investigators still come from tracting! Which I think is flattering :) I love tracting and I'm so grateful that we still get to do it! :) So as far as technology is concerned, it ain't happnin in my time as a Sister. And I'm grateful :) The Lord knows my heart :)

I learned a lot about being bold this week. And it's something I know I need to do. So that's my focus! Being bold used to scare me. But then I realized that I can be bold with love. And this last week I had another epiphany! It's not even about being bold with love.... it's about being bold beCAUSE of love! And if you know me, you know that I'm all about love :) Haha. Christlike love, that is :) One of my favorite quotes from this week was, "We don't have time to be weak in our contacting" and it's true. We don't have time to be anything but our best. That doesn't mean we need to run around like chickens with our heads cut off... but it does mean that consistent, steady work is what the Lord expects of us. No matter what our calling is. 

I'm grateful for member missionaries. I'm grateful for full time missionaries. And I love the Work. It is a great work! It is His work, and miracles are brought through His power, but wrought by the faith of the individual (Ether 12:13-16 and Hebrews 11).

Love y'all! Have a happy week :)
~Sister Jacobs

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