August 4, 2014

Aug. 4, 2014

"Sorry. I'm doing a puzzle online and I'm being timed..."
^^ Funny how those things get in the way of eternal salvation...

Family and friends!
What. a. week!

Well. Believe it or not, it's transfer time again!!! Sister Winegar is leaving me BUT! My new companion will be Sister Adorable!! We were in the MTC together!! She's been a Spanish missionary for the last like... 9 months and now she's coming here to be English again! I'm so excited to pick her up on Wednesday

We had a great week! Our investigators, J and M are progressing! Woo hoo!!! They both had some cool experiences this week. J noticed that he hadn't been studying the bible like he used to. He recognized the lack of Spirituality in his life and then prayed to be more enveloped in the word. The next day we knocked on his door!! His wife, M was reading the Book of Mormon and has been looking for a "sign" to know if it's true. Reading. Praying. All of the above. After she finished reading, she turned on the TV and there was a commercial from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! She said she just got chill bumps all over! As we taught her, she mentioned something I never noticed before.

She said, "When you talk about God, you don't call him 'The' Heavenly Father, just Heavenly Father. You make it more personal. Like He is personally involved in our lives as a loving father, not an almighty stand-offish God." While He is almighty, He's our Father. I hope this makes sense. But I loved that. It made me think of Richard G. Scott. He always refers to Him as "Father in Heaven" without the "our" in front of it. Like it's His name instead of a title. I loved that. A lot

A few weeks back we tracted into another gentleman named G. He's a teacher. He wanted us to set something up so he could learn in a members home. GOLDEN! So we did just that. We were supposed to meet with him on Tuesday at 1, but his wife had stuff going on and he cancelled. So we set something up for Wednesday at 2. On our way to the appt, we noticed we had a missed call from him. We called him back to make sure he was coming. He thought we were meeting at 1 again and was on his way to do some errands. We apologized for the mix up and he said, "I told you I would listen and that's what I'm going to do!" So he turned around and came back for our lesson! it was so good. After the lesson, he took a "selfie" with all 5 of us (sisters, members and him) and sent it to his wife. He wants to bring her to the next lesson It was pretty rockin awesome.

I'm learning lots about hope. And implementing it. I discovered this this morning. Faith is to hope as charity is to love. Faith is the action. Hope is the feeling that inspires the action. Charity is the action. Love is the feeling that inspires the action. Faith and hope are very different. But you can't have one without the other

Life is good. Miracles are real. And we. are. so. blessed!!
Love y'all!
~Sister Jacobs.

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