September 8, 2014

Sept. 8, 2014

Quote of the week: "Ma'am, I may be an idiot, but I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he loves you"

^^ An account of a tracting story from some elders in our zone. This was in response to, "You're all annoying, stop coming by! And anyone that thinks a teenage boy can be an elder is an idiot!" The words of a missionary are powerful. This is His work. And it's real.


We got permission for all the sisters in our zone to go to Stone Mountain today!! It's barely out of the mission, but we get to go once in our time here, so that was a blast! That's why I'm so late emailing. It was so fun!!

As far as this week is concerned... Oh. S. She's a Recent Convert since March and she'a a doll. She decided to get some family names ready for the temple so she could go on Wed. Aaaaaand we got to go with her because it was her first time! It was so special! She did the proxy baptisms for her mom and sister and then had a brother in the ward do her father's. Afterwards we talked to her about how she felt, "I feel just like I did for my own baptism, but I knew it was my mother, sister and father that were so happy." So special. So tender. The members we got a ride with were doing other temple work upstairs, so we got to read the Book of Mormon in the baptistry waiting room til they were done. I looooooooove the temple

I love tracting. Love it. LURVE IT!!!! So the whole mission has been working on being better and bolder in our contacting and life is just so much more beautiful!! I was role playing at a meeting as an "investigator" and the sister who contacted me told me, "We're not here to tell you to believe in the Book of Mormon. We're here to share with you something that has changed our lives and then invite you to read, study and use that relationship you already have with God to ask for yourself if it's true!" I have said that (or something similar to it) a million times, but once I heard her say it as an "investigator" I realized just how bold that statement is! We have no fear introducing the Restored Gospel and then inviting others to read and pray and find out for themselves, because the message is so true that I know (in the Lord's time) what kind of answer they'll receive! Yup. Bold. It's cool

A few months ago a sister made a comment about letting our real personalities shine through the missionaries we are. Heavenly Father sent us to touch certain people because of who we are, but if we let ourselves fall into the habit of being robots... we'll never be able to touch those people! So in combination of those two paragraphs, I had a really cool experience this week. It was little. But it was cool

Basically we were tracting and a young father answered the door. He was super not interested. But he had a cool Harry Potter shirt on. So we started talking about Harry Potter. And then had the chance to talk about the Gospel. I tried super hard to just be myself, and to share the things that he would need to hear. At the end we invited him to take the lessons and he said, "you know what? Y'all have been real people with me. And just because I've enjoyed having you on my doorstep, I'll let you come back." It was refreshing because I've been working on that. Just being me. A better version of me every day, but still the Sis Jacobs that Father in Heaven sent here

I'm learning how to love better. How to communicate better. How to let go of the things that really don't matter. And how to be who He wants me to be. It's been really cool to reflect and recognize the change of nature that this 'refiner's fire' is jump starting.

I love y'all lots
Til next week,
~Sis Jacobs.

 Hold to the rod, the iron rod! The mtn (*cough* hill) was
super slippery from the rain. We were grateful for the rod 

Lilburn zone sisters! At the top! 

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