September 30, 2013

These shoes were made for tracting and that's just what they'll do...

Sept. 30, 2013

... one of these days these shoes are gonna tract right into you!!

Como estan?!

This week rocked. Every week rocks as a missionary, though. :) 
Tuesday was Sis Stott's (one of the other sisters in Paper Mill) birthday! We drove over to their apartment early to make breakfast. So fun. I am really loving my new district!! It was hard at first, but I just keep telling myself that I need to put Webb Bridge in a box, and give it to the Lord, just like I did with home. And when I do that, all is well. :) 

Remember how President has asked us to tract 2 hours a day? Well... as soon as he extended that invitation, it became impossible to tract for 2 hours! We have to plan where we're going to tract before we plan anything else for the day. Crazy, right? We've started to find what works for us, though. 

Speaking of tracting.... we found this lady who told us that she's been going to several churches with her friends and is trying to find one church to settle on. We're still trying to get in with her. Cross your fingers and say some prayers, mmkay? :) 

We had a really cool experience with a team up this week. The relief society president needed to find people who she didn't know and we went out with her to find them. When we went with her, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing! She was super bold and even started conversation with some strangers on our way to the member's home. When we got in the car to leave, I complimented her on her missionary attitude and she said, "It's only because you are here! I was scared to do it alone, but once I had you sisters with me, I felt like I could do anything!" Wow! What an example! :)

Aaaaand then we went on exchanges! I love that. Love, love, love that! I love seeing another area and how they do things. We bumped into like 3 Spanish families on the exchange. It rocked! We talked to one guy about General Conference and hearing the Prophet (so excited!) and we talked to another lady about the Restored Gospel. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had to learn Spanish gospel words! But, I know that it's not on my own. Heavenly father blesses me to remember things. He's the best. really though. :)

As fun as exchanges are... I was so thrilled to see Sister Marshall again! Man, I love her :)

My testimony of Thomas S. Monson being a prophet of God has been strengthened. For all of you who saw the General Relief Society broadcast, I hope you felt the same way. And the sister missionary choir! Wasn't that amazing?!?! I cried. For all of you current/returned/future missionaries out there:
Think about it. We have been blessed to live in a time and in a place where the Gospel is available to us! Out of all the history of the world, we have the true fullness of the Gospel! And out of all of those, you are/were worthy, willing and able to serve a mission! You know who else was called to serve a mission? Um... Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah. (Prophets from the Book of Mormon) Dude. How cool is that?!? How blessed are we?
I just get the chills thinking about it! :)

Cool story. The broadcast was held at the Stake Center, so I got to see a bunch of ladies from my last area! When I saw Sis L. (best ward missionary ever), I ran up to her and gave her a hug. She told me that Sister B. (a recent convert, remember her?! Love her) was doing great! but most of all, Sister B. physically made it to Sacrament meeting on Sunday! Church has been broadcast to her for two whole years and she finally made it! I cried. What a miracle! Happy, happy tears :)

In church, the bishop talked to us about how phones can be a huge problem. So I had a thought and I want to challenge you all to put your phones on airplane mode when you're at church! You can still use the scriptures and whatever else you need to, but you won't be tempted to email or text or whatever else.

I love this Gospel! I know it's true! I know that Christ is my Savior!

I looove you all! Every. single. one. :)
~Sister Jacobs

PS. Thank you, thank you for your letters! I love them! But not as much as I love you :)

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