September 9, 2013

Sept. 9, 2013 And at last I see the light . . .

Alooooooooooha! This week rocked! :)

Monday was full of packing (It was transfer week). And we had fun with the Milton Sisters. They rock.

Tuesday was our last district meeting together. Which was sad. And then Tuesday night we had dinner with the B Family. I might've cried on our way out. But Sis B. told me to call her whenever I needed anything. Sister Loader was there to comfort me :) I sure like her. After too many goodbyes and the final packing of things, I hit the sack. I went from Trainee to trainer overnight! Literally! :) 

Wednesday morning was sooo different. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, so so excited for my new Sister (companion) !! I thought back to my first day in the field and I got greenie-excited all over again! I gave a hug to Sister Loader and then my ride came and took me to the mission office. It was sad to leave her, but I'm gonna see her tomorrow at Zone Training. So that's cool. :) When we got to the mission office, we sat in the Chapel and all heard the names of our trainees for the first time... after about 30 mins, they walked in! And I met Sister Marshall!! She's 19, from Riverton, UT. And she's super cool. Her dad shipped her bike to GA and she put it together at the mission office. Without help from the elders. I wish I was that cool. Hopefully some of that will rub off on me by the time we're done together :)

We got a packet with some info about our new apartment, keys to the car (yay for a car!), a phone number of someone who was supposed to give us our keys and then we were on our way! Thanks to my trusty-handy-dandy GPS, we found our apartment! The other sisters had 'heart attacked' our door. :) Oh yeah. We're the 3rd set of missionaries in that ward. Does the Lindon Stake even have one set of missionaries?!

We met with Bishop Foye for dinner and he gave us some names of people to talk to. We talked to the sisters and they gave us some referrals. Basically this ward rocks. 

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were full of visiting people, contacting, and sweating. Gotta love missionary work, am I right? :)

Sunday was awesome! It was ward conference so there were some people from the Webb Bridge ward (her previous ward) with stake callings. That was my tender mercy for the day :) By the way, Paper Mill is the best ward in the mission. Just sayin :)

Also. My apartment is in Sandy Springs. Guess where the temple is? Sandy Springs. The other sisters told us that if it wasn't for all the trees, we could see if from our apartment. Ah! Let me just tell you this. I am never going to take the temple for granted again. :) We didn't get to go last month. So... the next time I go will be the last day of my mission.

Crazy story! So this morning we went walking with a member because it's her favorite thing and there's a super pretty nature walk along the Chattahoochee. We were walking to the nature walk and Sis Allen said that there was a fire in a complex a couple of streets over. So we passed that street and there were still trucks and stuff. And news people. So... we passed them. So... I might've been on TV this morning. Haha. :)

I love training. I love the mission. Life is great! :)

~Sis Jacobs

Quote for the week:
I wish we could listen to Tangled music. It's the best. -Sis Marshall.
Yeah. Tangled is pretty cool -Sis J
"I see the light" is my favorite -Sis M
Well. That's a good one, but it has romantic overtones... -Sis J
Psh, we're thinking about the light of Christ! -Sis M.
We had a good laugh :) 

Missionaries that are all from Pleasant Grove, UT

Webb Bridge district. Elders McConnehey (Sp?), Eames, Loveland, Anderson and Buhler. Sisters Allen, Porter, me and Sis Loader. I just noticed that E. Buhler isn't standing on the curb with the rest of us. And that's hilarious.

We think we're cute pirates. It's fine

Webb Bridge missionaries. I love them. I miss them. I'll see them tomorrow :)

Sister Arbon came into the field! She's cousins with Felicia (a neighborhood friend). Cool, right? :)

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