September 23, 2013

Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun, please shine down on me....

Mon. Sept. 23, 2013


Fun fact: I take my journal to email because I can't remember what we did this week.
Not so fun fact: I missed a couple of days writing in my journal this week so this email might be lacking.

This week was rather monumental! We biked for the first time! I have become exponentially more grateful for the limited miles we do have, and I respect all of those elders and sisters without a car. I'm blessed :) Biking was fun though! There are lots of tips and tricks that never would've crossed my mind. Like tucking my skirt into my biking capris. And then remembering to un-tuck the skirt before we talk to people. Haha.

We had a lesson to teach this week! It just kind of went, haha. I was pretty bummed as we left, but then we ran into our friend, M. on our way out! Remember how I sang for him and his friend last week? We stopped to talk to him and that rocked. He asked us to pray for his friend. But he couldn't because he doesn't believe in God. After a short conversation we challenged him to kneel and ask the 'universe' if God exists. He told us that he definitely would and he'd call us when he did. So we're praying for him.

We had interviews with the mission president and I loved it! I always love talking to President. At our district meeting, President told a story that he always does. He talked about when he was a young missionary and his mission president asked them to tract for 2 hours a day. He talked about how it's important, not because tracting is fruitful, but because the mission president has the keys for the mission and it's the obedience that matters. Then he challenged us to do it! Two hours of tracting a day! I don't think it's that bad, to be completely honest :) I get to share my testimony with strangers! Sister Marshall and I play little question games and have nice talks while we walk from door to door :)

One of the doors that we knocked on was  a man named J. He was a preacher for his church. He talked to us for a good 45 minutes. I thought that at the end of it, I'd be exhausted and frustrated, but instead, I was pumped!!! He tried to put down the Book of Mormon by saying that God preserves his word. All that did was remind me of the persecution that the early saints went through and strengthen my testimony that the Book of Mormon is true, because it's still here!! Guess what. The Book of Mormon is true :) 

Sister Marshall and I have been trying to find what works for us, and our favorite thing is singing at members' homes. When we share a thought, we share a scripture, relate it to a hymn, sing it for them and then ask for referrals. The Spirit is super strong and it works like a charm! I love singing my testimony. Just in case you didn't know :)

Well, time is short!
Love you all and talk to you next week!
Make this week letter worthy! I promise that I will! :)
~Sistah Jacobs

Sometimes I close the car door on my leg. Hah! Don't ask.

And then 3 days later, the bruise looks worse. But I'm fine. Promise. :)

Our nature walk this morning. Georgia is beautiful. :) I'm stoked for fall!!!

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