September 16, 2013

Sept. 16, 2013 New friends and new faces to seeee. . . . friends and new faces to seeeee. With blue skies ahead, yes I'm on my way, there's no where else that I'd rather beeee. 
Speaking of bees. They're huge here.

Family!! :)

Lots of stories this week. 
First of all, Wednesday, I was asked by 2 members if I had hispanic blood. And then on Saturday someone asked me if I had Armenian blood. 2 things. I don't look hispanic at all! Second of all, how the heck can you pin point being Armenian?! It's so specific. Aaaand like 3 generations back. I still think it's crazy. (Ashley's great grandfather is Armenian from Syria.)

Sister Marshall and I have been trying really hard to pray about where we're supposed to go and what doors to knock and what parks to contact at. After dinner on Thursday we pulled into a park parking lot and said a quick prayer before we got out of the car. But we both felt weird. So we prayed again and I got the distinct impression, "go home." I was bugged, but I couldn't deny the impression. I told Sis Marshall and she said that we should probably follow the prompting. So I thought to myself, "okay. Well, we're just supposed to start going home. Then Heavenly Father will direct us where to go after that and it'll be great." So as we drove home, I turned off to some neighborhoods and we pulled over again. We prayed again. And again, "go home." And I'm thinking to myself, "we have goals to reach, people to meet, I want to share my testimony!" but I couldn't deny the prompting, so we went home. There's a potential investigator in our complex so I thought that maybe we were supposed to visit him! After we parked the car, we walked over to his apartment and knocked on the door. Nothin. We walked back to our apartment and I asked Sister Marshall what she was thinking. She told me that when she pushed away all of her own thoughts and desires, being home felt right. So we studied for the last hour of the day before we got ready for bed. I still don't know why we came home. I don't know if Heavenly Father was protecting us, if He was testing us to see if we'd be obedient, or what. It's the first thing I'm gonna ask Him when I get to the other side, though. :)

Saturday was our miracle day. Seriously. Miracle after miracle. Something that we do as missionaries in the GANM (Georgia Atlanta North Mission) is offer to leave the Savior's peace and blessing in people's homes. We introduce ourselves as representatives of Jesus Christ and basically ask them if they'd like a blessing on their home. Elders use their priesthood, and as sisters we say a prayer by virtue of our calling as missionaries. So we were offering this prayer at an apartment complex (apartments are the best. for real) and we were meeting loads of people. One man, M., opened the door and told us he didn't even believe in God, but if we wanted to come in and pray, he was fine with that. We walked in and he had another friend who was also in the apartment. So we started to talk to them about what they believed. After just a few minutes, it was clear that the prayer wasn't gonna happen. The things they asked about were completely off topic and even though it was about "Mormons," the spirit wasn't there. So I felt prompted to sing. Sister Marshall and I sang 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives.' And the Spirit filled the room. And you could tell from the look on their faces that they felt it. We let the Spirit linger for a moment and then I testified that I know that God lives and loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that He knows what we've been through. And I know that this church is true. M. didn't look like he wanted to believe what he was feeling, but what his friend said next amazed me. He said, "You know that they (the missionaries) believe in God. They go to people's homes and they came into this apartment with 2 men. They know that God's going to protect them. And I don't know what this is" (referring to the Spirit) "if it's the power of God, or Jesus Christ or a good energy from them, but they're lifting people up and they need to continue doing what they're doing." We don't have a return appointment. I don't even remember the friend's name. But you can bet that we planted a seed.

Our other miracle was  a lady named S. We asked if we could leave the blessing in her apartment and she was so excited about it. So we went in and asked a bit about her and what she wanted us to add in the prayer. We said the prayer and asked how she was feeling. She told us that she felt so grateful. She told us that she and her friend had been talking about knowing truth, and we had prayed for her to recognize truth when she heard and felt it. We weren't able to set up a return appointment, but she wants us to come back for sure. 

Our Heavenly Father is a God of miracles :)

Til next week, 
~Sistah Jacobs.

Remember, even though I've been transferred, my mailing address is the same!
Sister Ashley Jacobs
Georgia Atlanta North Mission
1150 Cole Dr SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Pun for the week:
*As we pased Willeo Rd*
Sis J- "Willeo follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?"
Roads in Georgia are funny.

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