August 28, 2013

Never knew how much that muddy water meant to me....?

Aug. 26, 2013

I love ya'll so much!

On Tuesday we taught Sis B a new member lesson about temples. She's super excited to get her recommend and go do confirmations! Woot!! :) Super cool, right?! :) It was so cool to see her as a baptized member. She's the best. :)

Wednesday we helped clean for a family that's moving. That was fun. We sang Disney songs at the top of our lungs. Nothin' like a little Pocahontas or Tangled to get your cleaning groove on! :) After that we taught E! We went to a member family's apt and she wheeled on over. As we got started she asked, "Do ya'll believe in embracin?" "Um, yeah..." "Well come now, gimme a hug!" She is the most southern lady I've met here and we're best friends, haha. :) We taught her the restoration and she felt the spirit super strong. It was so great! It was confirmed to me that Joseph Smith restored this Gospel! He did! :) As we walked out of the lesson, Sister Loader goes, "I'm pretty sure you and E were best friends in the pre-existence" Yeah. Pretty sure we were :)

Thursday was Zone Conference! Yay for meetings! :) I love listening to President and the assistants and everyone else talk about their vision for the mission and how much we can do if only we have faith and work hard! I'm always so pumped after meetings :) 

Quote for the week:
The assistants were giving a training and Elder Miller said, "Okay, what are some things we can do for our companion?"
"Elder Hoyt sings to me in the morning!" -Elder MacDonald.
*3 minutes later*
"Okay, now what are some "don'ts" for a successful companionship?"
"Elder Hoyt sings to me in the morning!" -Elder MacDonald.
I died laughing. :)
The other news is that there are 63 Sisters in the mission, 80 by September, and over 100 in October! Woot! :)

That night we taught P and the spirit was definitely there! We're still working on getting her to come to church and to recognize why the gospel is important, but it's been good teaching her! :) 

Friday we helped another member move! But she's only moving around the corner, so she'll still be in the ward, thank goodness! :) Saturday morning there was a member baptism and E came! She said a couple of "oh yes" and "amens" throughout the talks and prayers, haha. I seriously love her. 

Random thought: If Mormons bought out 'Veggie Tales', how would they do the story of Ammon defending King Lamoni's sheep? (from the Book of Mormon) These are things the missionaries ponder over lunch... :)

Happy first day of class to all of my dear Logan-ites! :) (Utah State University started classes this week) Say hi to everyone and everything for me! :)

I love this gospel, I love all of you and I know the church is true! 
Hope to hear from you soon!
~Sister Jacobs

Picture of Ashley and other missionaries at Zone Conference.

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