August 28, 2013

Miracles happen once in a while, when you believe...

Aug. 19th, 2013

(In order to respect the privacy of the members and investigators in Ashley's mission, I will be using only the the first initial of their names in this and future emails. Thanks for understanding AND thanks for all your love and support for Ashley.  - Lisa)

Miracles happen once in a while, when you believe...

Hello, all! :)
I love writing to you. It's my favorite part about P-day :)

Happy first day of school for Lexy and work for Mom!! (I got a part time job working as secretary in the high school counseling office) I'm *so* excited for you both! Say hi to PG, Mr. Shelley, Mr. Wilcock and Ms. Smithson (favorite teachers from high school) for me! :)

This week we went on an exchange with our Sister Training Leaders. Sister Hamilton came with me to Webb Bridge and then Sis Loader went to the other area with Sis Nielson. They're like the sister zone leaders, only they're over 2 zones. I was talking to Sister Hamilton and asked if each zone is gonna get Sister TL's and she said that Sister Wolfert wishes they could, but there are so many sisters coming out in the next transfer (20!!) that they need everyone to train! So... I'm gonna be a mommy (trainer)! Probably. I won't get the call til next week if it's for sure, but I'm pretty much expecting it to happen. and. I'm. stoked!! :)

After our exchange, Sis Loader and I checked the mail and we got a package. A combined package!!! It was the highlight of the week for me! (Up to that point... :)) I loved all of Lexy's puns on everything! I was laughing so hard. I told Sis Loader, "My sister is cooler than your sister." And she was like, "um, not possible." Don't tell, but I still think Lexy is cooler. :)

The Elders have been teaching a lady named P. and Sister S. has been her fellowshipper in the ward. After teaching the 3 lessons she dropped of the face of the planet for like 3 weeks. She wouldn't respond to the elders at all. This past week, Sister S. said she had talked to the elders, prayed about it like crazy, and suggested that we try to teach her. The elders prayed about it and then gave their okay. I. felt. awful. for "taking" their investigator, but she let us teach her on Thursday, so that was improvement! We studied like crazy for the lesson, but had no idea where we were gonna go with it. Sister S. drove us to P's home and we let the Spirit take over! We opened with a hymn and then just shared our thoughts and the scriptures that came to mind. Sis Loader shared a suuuper powerful testimony about the truthfulness of the Gospel and at the end of the lesson we had another appointment with her! I still give all the credit to our Elders (after the Spirit, of course). They found her, they taught her the first 3 lessons, they invited her to be baptized, and we're just here to help follow up. I feel like we did the same thing for Sister B., haha.

Friday was Sister B.'s baptism!!!!!! We'd been praying for good weather for like 2 weeks and we woke up to rain. rain rain rain. I was super worried and Sister Loader goes, "We prayed for it. It'll clear up for the baptism, and then rain again when it's over. I'm not worried" And she was absolutely right!! I've learned a lot about prayer from her. :) The program was held in a garage (most spiritual and beautifully decorated garage I've ever been in, haha).

Sis Loader and I sang 'When I am Baptized' accompanied by Elder Eames on a guitar (with permission, of course). We took a video of it after the baptism, I'll send it home eventually :) Anyway, after that we wheeled her out to the pool. Elder Eames and Elder Anderson and Brother A. helped her into a plastic chair, they carried her down the steps of the pool and then set the front legs of the chair on the bottom step of the pool and held the chair so her head and neck were above the water. Bishop Weurgler performed the ordinance and then the other 3 lowerd the back legs so she was immersed and then carried her out of the water! Cool, right?! She was helped back into her wheelchair, covered in blankets and towels and confirmed at the poolside. As soon as we got back into the garage for a closing prayer and song, it started raining again. :) As we drove away Elder Anderson goes, "Man. God has a sense of humor. The one day I get to go in a pool on my mission and it's raining. I'm freezing." I thought that was hilarious :)

E. came to church again yesterday! P. was planning on it as of Saturday night, but didn't make it. We're so calling her next Sunday morning. Anyway, E is the best! We haven't been in to teach her yet because her schedule is crazy, but it's gonna happen! We'll keep calling her every couple of days and it's gonna happen. :)

Funny story. So yesterday after sacrament meeting Sis Loader was talking to some less actives on the carpet part of the chapel, and I was talking to an investigator on the other side, right where the overflow starts. Half way through our conversations, the curtains start to close and we looked at each other like a deer in the headlights as my companion slowly was taken out of my sight and sound... I was laughing so hard! Sis Loader brought the less actives to the overflow to talk so all was well again. But it made me laugh. Oh man :)

Well, that's my week in a nut shell! 
I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you! :)
~Sister Jacobs

Sister Hamilton, me, Sister Loader and Sister Nielson.

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