August 12, 2013

No Song for This Week!

Aug. 12, 2013

Howdy from the South!!
Fun fact: I can count on one hand how many people in my area have legit southern accents. One of which is our lady of the hour, Sister B!
We had a *super* cool experience with her on Tuesday! She wanted to meet the bishop before her baptism. So we went over with him and had a little lesson and then she asked for a blessing of healing so that she can actually come to the church building on Sunday and "be of use to the church" as she put it. Bishop said that he'd be able to give her a blessing, even though usually 2 priesthood holders bless the sick and afflicted. She asked if Brother B could participate. He's been less active for a loooong time. So they went into the other room and talked for a bit and then came back. Brother B anointed and then Bishop gave her the blessing! Coolest. experience. evar! :) I cried. Fun fact: I cry a lot as a sister missionary. :)
This email is just gonna be all over the place. Forgive me? Thanks. You're a peach.
On Monday we went to do something as a district and there was an extra elder! Surprise! Elder B. and Elder A. are now training Elder E. from Kaysville! A member is going to let him borrow a guitar on Friday so he can accompany Sis Loader and I at Sis B's baptism. I'm so excited! :) Sister B is super excited for her baptism and said she wants lots of pictures! How convenient, I do too!! :) I'll have a full report next week! I'm so proud of her! She's showing soooo much faith going through with this! :)
On Thursday Elder B. hit his year mark but we didn't find out til dinner... so when we got home Sis Loader and I made him a little card and we gave it to him the next day. It was my favorite thing. Seriously. If you're having a hard day, make something for someone. It is just the best feeling in the world! :)
Friday was awesome! We had some less actives that we wanted to visit but they live in gated communities... so we prayed that the gates would just be open or that we could follow behind someone into the community when we got there. And guess what?! It worked!! We drove into the community and there was a sign that said, "caution. private air strip ahead" ooookay? So we find Sis P's house and as we get talking to her, we discover that it's an aviation community. Everyone. owns. a. plane! What the heck? Like... what do you even do with a plane?! Apparently fly to Alabama for a vacation, according to Sis. Hermana Shelton (Ashley's friend serving in Peru) and I are in completely different worlds, haha :) I got pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to attach them :)
Other fun facts about Georgia.
It has rained more here this summer than in Seattle.
Paula Abdul lives in our ward boundaries. Like... a mile or two away from our apartment. According to one of our members it's a gated community, and then she lives on a separately gated street. With a security guard. I'm so glad I'm not famous :)
Saturday. Oh man. Saturday was great. Sister Loader got a package and we just had soooo much fun with it! Her mom told her to put on her "big girl panties" and then sent her some! We took pictures. Haha.
On Sunday the G. Family brought a friend of theirs to church! She stayed for all 3 hours and the ward rocked at welcoming her! She said that she quite enjoyed herself and wants to come back! We're meeting with her probably tomorrow to answer her questions and talk to her a bit more about the church. Oh yeah.
Everyone says that we have to have fun as missionaries, right? Yeah. Okay. So for my first couple of weeks I seriously didn't get how. But I'm having tons of fun now! For example: every morning we read 3 pgs of the white handbook as part of comp study. I'm pretty sure every missionary does this. So... we've started reading it in different accents! Southern, British, Asian, and our new favorite... Brian Reagan! The first day we did it I read pg 53. The last line on that page just about killed us, we were laughing so hard. :)
Alrighty, I'll calm down.
I love missionary work. I've waited 7 years for this opportunity and now it's here! And as of yesterday I've been in Georgia for 2 months! And I'm coming to love it more and more. As a wise friend once told me, "love the mission and it'll love you back." I feel like that's something we can all take to heart. Love your calling, love your ward, love your job, love your family, love your school, love your situation, and it'll love you back! Being here is crazy! Every night I try to think of one word to describe the day, but I never can! There are so many ups and downs and so many unique experiences that I don't have time to share, but it's all for the best. :) I challenge you all to prepare for next Sunday. Get ready to take the sacrament and pray for the speakers to say the things that you need. And pay attention to how you feel. Yesterday I literally felt myself be filled with the spirit. I have been rejuvenated for the week!
The church is true,
the book is blue,
and I love you!
Sister Jacobs
PS. Thank you for the letters! I thoroughly enjoy them! :)
Big girl panties!
'I've lost 500lbs and I'm a Mormon.'

Oompa loompas?

Church on Sunday. Apparently there wasn't enough room in the parking lot... haha. :)

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