August 5, 2013

There must be something there that wasn't there before . . .

Aug, 5, 2013

Aloooooha! This week has been great! And Happy August! Time flies!! 

Sister B is doing awesome! We continue to meet with her and she rocks! We helped a less-active member move this week and it was super fun! We're sad that she's out of our area now, but we're excited for the sisters that get to work with her now

And now, a silly sister (missionary) story.
Every night before we go to bed, Sister Loader and I do 5 Bits of Happiness. We'll talk about a moment in the day when we 1) felt joy 2) accomplished something 3) saw a tender mercy 4) felt peace 5) and then we give each other a compliment. By 7:45am I already had my accomplishment for the day. I was blow drying my hair this morning and I saw something in the mirror that I hadn't seen before. So I turned around and saw this bug on the ceiling. "Sister Looooader?!? Come look at this!" So she comes in and was like, "Ew. We had those all the time in Jackson [her last area]. Good luck killing it!" and she goes back into the bathroom. This.... bug was like and inch and a half long with fifty million legs. that got longer and longer toward the back of the bug. Being the designated bug-killer in our companionship, I was thrilled. Haha. I went back to doing my hair. Then it moved. It was on the wall by my bed. And I was not risking it getting any closer. So I moved my bed out of the way, grabbed a flip flop, and tapped it off the wall. It started squirming on the ground and I finally found the courage to kill it! All the while squealing like only a sister missionary can, haha. It was good times

My favorite thing about being a missionary is the excuse to be bold! The other night we got a text from an unknown number and she asked if Derek was doing okay because she hadn't heard from him in a couple of days. So... I responded with something like, "Hi! This is Sister Jacobs and Sister Loader, missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! We just got this phone a few weeks ago, but we hope your friend is okay! We can keep him in our prayers if you'd like!" She said that would be nice, so I continued, "We definitely will! Would you like to hear a message from some of our missionaries about Jesus Christ? I'm sure we have some in your area!" She declined. But it was fun to be bold!

The president just came out with a challenge for our mission! He said that the goals for the mission are 45 baptisms in August. He said that if we get 40+ baptisms, those companionships who baptize someone will get to go to the temple at the end of the month! What?! So... we love Sister B. And we're gonna pray for the rest of the mission!

Quote for the week!
"I was investing too much time in Pabo* and wasn't getting anything in return. So I had to drop him... like an investigator" -Sister Loader. We're such missionaries. It's fun

Anyway, life is muy bueno. Going to church is the best. Members rock. Fasting works! The church is true! Love you lots!!
Sister Jacobs

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