October 14, 2013

Oct. 7, 2013 Blue skiiiiies smilin at me. Nothing but blue skiiiies do I seee...

Mon. Oct. 7, 2013
Sorry. I guess I forgot to send this last week. I worked all day and took Lexy to get her Driver's Learning Permit and totally forgot to send this on.

Hey ya'll!

Fun fact. I forgot my journal today. So Imma try and tell you about this week from memory. Which is harder than it sounds. Haha.

Okay. This week was full of meetings! Which I love. Meetings make me so excited for the upcoming events! :) I love it. Really, really.

Something that I learned this week about investigators is that I need a better attitude! Because I'm opening an area, I have this idea that we're just here to set things up and we're not really gonna find anyone to teach. And then I realized that Heavenly Father is blessing me with what I have faith in-- a dead area! So I started to have faith in an area full of the elect!

The day after that decision, we had a "one last door" experience! We were getting ready to come home. It was super late, aaaand dark. So I look at Sister Marshall and say, "One last door." So we did. Aaaaand nothin. So then Sister Marshall looks at me and says, "one last door!" So we did! And we found a girl who talked to us forever about Christ and how important he is to her! She was dog-sitting so we got her real address, her # and she asked us to come back. We were soooo excited! We got home and looked at our map. And she's out of the zone! Soooo we got to refer her to another ward. And then we got a referral from the YSA elders. Poor guys. They give out referrals like it's going out of style. So we went to Ruby the next day aaaand we have a return appointment!!! It's like the first one on my mission, haha :)

Fun story! We didn't have church on Sunday, right? (It was General Conference) And conference didn't start for us til Noon sooo we went to a Baptist church! I was nervous that they were going to kick us out, haha. BUT the people were suuuper friendly! And quiet. What?! I was expecting a lot more "amen"s and "hallelujah"s. It was a good experience though. :) Toward the end we talked to some people and they just went on about how much they loved Temple Square when they went a while back. My favorite thing that the minister said was "how many of you are on facebook? Raise of hands, come on." Everyone except for a row of 6 missionaries raised their hands. He went on to say, "pretty much everyone. And if you didn't raise your hand, what on earth are you doing with your time?!" Oh, you know. Just preaching the Gospel. Haha. He was relating it to how if we spent as much time praying as we do on facebook, we'd be super connected with God.

Speaking of conference... How did ya'll like it!?! Good stuff, right? There were like 15 missionaries at the stake center and a couple of investigators. It was so fun to be with a bunch of missionaries knowing that everyone was listening for answers to their investigators' questions. My favorite was probably the "Exclamation point!" talk. I feel that excited too :) 

I think it's so interesting how everyone finds different themes in conference. Think for a second about the theme that really stuck out to you. Why did it stick out to you? And how can you apply it? I know that Heavenly Father has specific things stick out for a very specific reason. I felt a theme of faith and service. I've been thinking a lot about how I can better serve and have more faith :)

I love you all!
Have a lovely week!

~Sister Jacobs.
PS. This week we got a hug from a Jehovah's Witness. She thought we were JW sisters. Awkward moment when she realized we were Mormon, haha :)

Sister Marshall and Sister Jacobs in the Paper Mill area.

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