June 2, 2013

MTC Drop Off Day

Wed.. May 29, 2013

It was a beautiful day when we dropped Sister Jacobs off at the Provo MTC. We went to lunch first and then headed to Provo for the 'Drop Off.' Here grandparents were with us and her best friend, Rachel, too. We parked at the parking lot above the MTC where we got out to take pictures and say our final good-byes. Seeing all the families hugging their missionaries tugged at my heart strings, but I was bound and determined not to cry like a baby! She was so excited. It was difficult watching her and Rachel say goodbye. Rachel leaves in 3 weeks to serve in Peru. As I hugged my girl, I tried to transfer all of the love, support, and confidence that I have for her through that hug. When I felt tears starting to flow, I quickly stopped the hug and said, "Come on Sister Jacobs, let's do this thing!" She smiled big, wiped her tears, and off we went. 
She was greeted by another cute Sister Missionary who introduced herself and helped Ashley with her luggage. I had the camera and was taking pictures as Ashley said good-bye to Rachel and her dad, one more time. Ashley didn't linger. She was ready to go forth and serve. 

I love my daughter so much and am so excited for the wonderful experiences that await her as the Lord molds her and refines her through the service of the people of Georgia.

Ashley & Lexy - Seesters!

Sister Jacobs & Rachel - Best Friends

Grandpa & Grandma Kimmell

Mom & Dad

Daddy - Daughter Bond

"Let's do this thing!"

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