June 7, 2013

First Email from the MTC

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Today we were thrilled get our first email from Sister Jacobs from the MTC. It didn't come until 2:30 this afternoon and I was going a little crazy checking my email all day long for it! Hahaha! She sounds great and I just love hearing from that girl!

Hi! I'm alive!
First of all, this is gonna be super rushed. I have a cute little countdown in the corner telling me that I only have 23:08 minutes left. No pressure! I can't figure out how to send pictures, and I don't have time to either! So, you'll get some my first Pday (preparation day) in the field! (5 days to Georgia!)

Things are great! My district has 11 members. 6 sisters and 5 elders. My comp is Sis Smith from Beaver. She's adorable! I love her soooo much! We get a long super well. The other sisters are... Pabst (from Logan), Larsen (from Idaho), Adorable (Ah-door-ah-bleh from Dallas) and Grimnes (from Logan). Love them all. But I love Sister Smith best. So it's a good thing we're companions :) Our Elders are... Barber (Syracuse), Fowers (Syracuse), Garner (Layton), Freeman (Salt Lake) and Court (Pleasant Grove). Elders Freeman and Court are our Mercy and Justice companionship (haha). Apparently Elder Court and I went to high school for 2 years together... who knew?! More details about them later!

So guess what? Missionary work is... WORK! I love it!! I really do! We get to spend day-in and day-out feeling the spirit, telling people we love them and learning about the Gospel that is, and always will be, my life! So cool, right?!

Our TRC (teaching resource center at the MTC) investigator's name was Arnold. He's like 65 and loooves outdoors. Why do I tell you this? Because teaching him was theee most awesome experience of my life! Sister Smith related to him cause she grew up on a farm and I related to him because I'm dealing with some of the same stuff he dealt with years and years ago. (PS Mom, he says get better!!). I love him. I learned a lot from him. Mostly that he may not be a real investigator, but you can bet he's a real person! And he's a son of God! And Heavenly Father loves him! And I got to feel that! Coolest thing ever! That's the most exciting thing that's happened all week. Other than that, our teachers tell us that we're doing well... so I'll take their word for it, but I'm no where near where I want to be. Figures, right?

I'm trying to follow Pres. Corbridges' (our Stake President) advice about patience with myself, haha :)
I've seen sooo many people from home and school and other things here at the MTC. I kept track of how many people I've seen (teachers, missionaries and others..) and I've seen like 20! It's the best.
My favorite thing is seeing someone I know and forgetting their last name. I'm all "Hey! Sister...... hey!!" and then I have to get closer to remember their last names. Baha. It's the greatest!

On Tuesday I leave for Georgia. My flight is at 7, so I'll probably call between 6 and 7. I know it's early... but it's all I've got! I don't know any other details... but I'll write you when I figure it out for sure!
Sorry to all of you wonderful family and friends that I haven't been able to email individually! This has been theeee fastest 30 minutes of my life!

I love you all and I'll chat with you next week-ish!
~Sister Jacobs.

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