June 13, 2013

Bye Bye Utah - Hello Georgia!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Early this morning, we received a delightful phone call from Sister Jacobs! It was so wonderful to hear her voice and to learn of all the fun things going with her experience at the MTC. I could literally 'see' her smile through the phone. She was traveling with a group of 20 or so missionaries going to the Georgia, Atlanta North Mission as well as many others who were stopping for a lay-over in Atlanta & then continuing on to other parts of the South. She sounded excited and happy. We (the family) wanted to talk a lot longer, but  Ashley told us she wanted to share the phone with other missionaries who needed to call their families. Her voice cracked just a bit at the end and then she said she needed to go. I think it was getting a little emotional and she wanted to stay strong. Even though Lincoln & Lexy and I would have loved to talk longer, we understand and agreed.

I used 'Flight Tracker' on my smart phone to watch her plane travel the approximate 3 hours from here to Georgia. I even texted her brother, Tyler and his wife Andrea, who are in Tennessee

for the summer, to let them know that Ashley was flying over head. I was satisfied when the plane landed and knew that she would be meeting her mission president soon.

The rest of the day, I kept thinking about the things that she would be experiencing at the Mission Home, having an interview with her Mission President and his wife and then tomorrow meeting her trainer and her shiny new bike! I'm so grateful for this time in my life that I can be here to share in this incredible experience that my daughter is having. Hooray for missions and hooray for sister missionaries! :-)

Sister Ashley Jacobs

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