June 17, 2013

Letter from the Atlanta North Mission Home

Sat. June 15, 2013

We received a letter from Ashley from her first night in the mission home in Georgia!
Written Tues. Jun 11, 2013 from the mission home:

Family! I'm sorry for not calling you when I made it but . . . I made it! Guess what, I forgot to say this morning?! Happy Father's Day! In not gonna have a P-day between now and then and I meant to say it this morning  . . . . but I was so rushed at the airport and it slipped my mind.

It's so green here! Trees everywhere! The first thing I noticed when we descended on the plane was the popcorn clouds (love them) and the next was the trees. I'm already dreading returning to the lack of trees in Utah.

The lady I talked to on the plane was from Puerto Rico. I almost asked her if we could speak in Spanish,  but I chickened out! I know Dad, I should've done it, but . . . oh well. Her nephew is serving on Hong Kong. She was super sweet. I also slept some on the plane and got caught up on my journaling. I only slept 2 hours last night! The homes here are so cool! They're so ... SOUTHERN! I LAUV it! Big porches and lots of steps, brick, porch swings, and lemonade!

Guess what?! I just got my area and trainer assignment! Sister Loader is my trainer and I'll be serving in the Webb Bridge Area in the Roswell Ward and Roswell Stake. Which is super cool because I totally ran into a kid from there at the MTC! I'm really excited to show his parents the picture we took. :-)

Time for bed!
Love ya'll, Sister Jacobs

The Great State of Georgia!

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  1. That totally happened to me on my mission, there was a girl I met in the MTC who was from my mission. Well her parents were in my first area, so I talked to them about how I met their daughter in the MTC. :) Good luck in Georgia! :)