April 28, 2014

"Get off my back, it ain't no sidewalk!"

April 28, 2014


And I think to myself.... what a wonderful weeeeek! :)

Our first item of business today is... D.!! She is a rockstar. We met with
her 3 times this week, and we would've seen her more if she didn't have all of her family come by this weekend. But hey, I'm not complaining!! :) Her son who is a member, T., calls her after every appointment and talks to her about the things we've taught. He also calls her every night to see how her reading is going... and then double checks to make sure she understands what she read that day, *and* quizzes her on what she read the day before! Talk about a rockin fellowshipper!

It's like, every missionary's dream to have a T. to help their D. But really though. Sister W. (the member we brought with us Wed) lives right down the street from D's parents. D has invited her mom and dad to every lesson... they haven't come. BUT! T. has called them and wants them to be at the temple, too! D. told us that they're "the next ones to get" and Sister W. is totally on the band wagon! Sister W.'s daughter) gets along with the mom really well... soooooooooooooo they're gonna start talking with them. D is praying for a date to get baptized. We feel like May 31st would be good. But she needs to receive that revelation for herself. I'm praying that I can stay here til June. I'd totally be down for staying here for 6 months *crosses fingers* Heck. I could stay here til December! :)

Last week I neglected to tell y'all about Dr. R. and his wife. Mmkay. Dr. R. is our landlord. Back when I was with Sis Tanner, I thought about going over and asking if they ever wonder what we do as missionaries and the things that we teach day in and day out. They see our car come and go. When Dr. R needs to fix or replace something, he comes and sees the posters and pictures we have in our apartment... and I just thought it would make sense to explain the things we teach! When Sister Reese got to the area, our mission president, Pres. Wolfert, told her to learn the history of Hartwell. She told me about it and was like, "President is crazy. I'm a missionary! I don't have time to learn the history of Hartwell!" We got to talkin' and thought that it might be a way to soften the R.’s hearts, because they live in a restored home that has been in her family since the 1800s.

Soooo, we set up an evening to go over and talk about Hartwell. Fun fact: Coca-cola actually started in Hartwell, then moved to Atlanta. No big. ANYWAY. Toward the end of our visit, we asked if we could share a scripture from the Book of Mormon, because that's what we do. So that led to explaining what the Book of Mormon is. The wife was amazed that we have a record of prophets on the ancient American continent! We offered her a copy. She said she'd start reading it, but only for a bit, she would then give it back. Yeah... we'll see if she wants to give it back... ;) She plays the organ for another church in town. She asked if I would be willing to sing at their Saturday night service! So... I'll be singing at a Lutheran church this Saturday evening!

Elder & Sister Elder and Harold wanna come... so it'll be an interesting experience! I'm thinking about singing ‘Praise to the Man’, or ‘If You Could Hie to Kolob. Or “Joseph Smith's First Prayer”! It's basically the Restoration in song! What'dya think? Just kidding. That would be a disaster, haha.

I'm gonna stick with ‘I Feel my Savior's Love’ :)Aaaanyway. We went back last night to show her the arrangement that I had picked out for Saturday. We got to talking a bit and she's not
actually a member of that church; nor is her husband. She just goes there because they need an organist, so they just go. . . Hello! Also, she had been reading the Book of Mormon and said that she has found the parallels between Lehi and Moses (in leading people) absolutely astounding! Um... yeah. Obviously seeing them was inspired. We're going back to practice music and discuss more about the Book of Mormon on Wednesday. Woot! :)

Guess what? The harder we work, the harder it gets, because Satan works harder on us. Rude. Sometimes that scares us out of being our best which is his victory. Lame. BUT! I've been learning that it is *worth it!!* We've been working harder and so has Satan, but by deciding to follow Christ and come to Earth, we gained our body which made us infinitely more powerful than Satan.

Sometimes we can't see it because we're mortal, but guess who can? Christ and our Father in Heaven. Sometimes our parents, friends, leaders, mission president, and companions (for us missionary folk) can see it better than we can. So what do we have to lose by trusting in Him and working hard?! Nothing! So, whatever walk of life you might be in, be a little better, do a
little more. It's get a little harder... but you'll be a little more blessed. And we can all use more blessings :)

Life is good. The Gospel is true. Love life. And it'll love you back. And as Sister Reese and I say, Be the change to see the change.

:)~Sister Jacobs

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