April 21, 2014

Alma 50:16 - And thus ended the twentieth year. April 21, 2014

Hey y'all!! What a wonderful week!!!

Y'all remember H? Probably not. I only briefly mentioned him back in March. He's one of the Branch President's very best friends. They've known each other for like 40 years and call each other brother. Pres. has been working with him since he joined the church like 6 years ago. And Elder &Sister Elder have been working with him since they got here in October. Last Monday they told us that he wanted to get baptized, but he didn't pick a date. On Tuesday he said that he wanted to get baptized the weekend of Mother's Day. On Wednesday he told us that he'd prefer to be baptized on Good Friday. ...two days later!! (Also, Ashley's birthday!) If there's a will, there's a way! And the branch made it happen!! :) He asked Sister Reese to accompany a special musical number and I offered to sing along. We sang 'I Love To See The Temple.' He's so excited to go to the temple and do the work for his parents. So tender :)

This week we met a lady named D. Oh my heck. She's great! We started talking to her with an average door approach and she acted like she knew what we were talking about.... Apparently she attended Young Women's for 2 years in Elberton!... that was a long time ago. But still!! Her son is a very active member of about 4 years, and he and his wife are going to be sealed in the temple in the near future. Her son has told her that he would love to have her there in the sealing room instead of the waiting room. That has been on her mind for a couple of months. And then who knocks on her door? Well... how about the Hartwell Sisters! :) By the end of that contact, she asked for our number, told us she'd call us and asked us if we could study with her. Would we ever?! Haha. 2 days later she actually called us! We had our appointment this morning, which is why I'm late emailing :) Elder and Sister Elder came with us and it was the most awesome lesson!! I love the Spirit. And the Gospel. And the sunshine. And the Son-shine! Haha. The South is rubbing off on me! ;)

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!! It was truly a perfect day :) We were able to attend H's baptism, we reached all of our goals and everyone kept their appointments! It may sound silly to y'all, but seriously, it was the best birthday a missionary could ask for :) Sister Reese made some cute cupcakes and we had a little celebration with Elder &Sister Elder :) It was really special to focus on H. and *his* special day :)

Church. I love church! There were two confirmations (H. and the Elder's investigator, R.) and 3 children were blessed. :) Super tender. Perhaps some tears shed. I sure love the Gospel :)

Preach My Gospel Epiphany- "Have faith that you will receive personal revelation to guide you from day to day" (pg 90) in correlation with 1 Nephi 15:8-9 Laman and Lemuel are bugged because Nephi knows all about the tree of life and they don't. So Nephi asks, "Have ye inquired of the Lord?" And their response is, "We have not; for the Lord maketh no such thing known unto us." Sometimes I catch myself thinking the same. Sometimes I think that it would be better for my companion to say the prayer before we go tracting or before a lesson or something because I tell myself that she has more faith, or that I wouldn't recognize the answer when it came. That's just like Laman and Lemuel! We must have the faith to receive the revelation! Heavenly Father loves us enough to send it, it's just a matter of us being aligned to recognize it! He answers our prayers!!

Love y'all!
"Have a Jesus filled week!"
~Sister "I'm never going home" Jacobs :)

Sister Reese, Me And Sister Elder.
We're all sister missionaries. . .and Daughters of a King! :)

Best Birthday ever :)

H. decided to get baptized!!!

Guess how H. decided when to get baptized? How? He shot a calendar!
What a great day to be baptized! :)

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