April 14, 2014

"Lemme tell y'all about *real* gator huntin'..." - April 14, 2014

Quote of the week: "Lemme tell y'all about *real* gator huntin'..."

Family and friends!

I just want to start by saying I love y'all!! Love. love. love. love!!! Something that I've learned about myself is that I am motivated by love. Love for the Gospel. For the People. For this branch. For this area. For my companion. For the beautiful flowers. For the cute baby animals. For Southern accents. For faithful members. For faithful investigators! For y'all!! :)
Lots of love comin' from over yonder :)

I love this area with all my heart!! It's so wonderful! I love the R. family! They are our greatest progressors (investigators) for sure! Sis R is trying to find a testimony of the Book of Mormon and coming to church is really helping with that :) After church yesterday she talked to us about how much she wants this in her life. She has tried to turn anywhere for help and the only place left is up. I love her so much :)

Once again, the work is slow! But we are not!! Haha :) This has been an awesome week full of service and really hard work. Delightful exhaustion. *clap* That's what it's all about!
PMG Epiphany! (Preach My Gospel Study Guide that the missionaries use)
This week's epiphany is about LOVE! Surprise! Haha. The bullet points on pg 7 are all centered on love! And on pg 13- "True Christianity is love in action"! I just love loving people :) It's my favorite thing.
Another thing: "Your calling gives you authority; keeping your covenants gives you power." This is applicable to all walks of life! No matter where you are or what you're doing, the calling you have (including visiting and home teaching) gives you authority! And keeping the covenants you have made gives you power. I'm a firm believer that the Sacrament renews so much more than just our baptismal covenants. It renews our temple covenants, too! What a blessing.
Oh my gosh. My heart is just bursting with love. I love it here. I really do. I love Georgia. So much more than I ever thought was possible :)

Til next week,
~Sister Jacobs.

Missionaries serving in the Elberton Branch. Elders DeGraff, Farnsworth and Galvez.
Sister and President Rownd. Sister and Elder Elder.
Sister Reese, Me, and Sister Moore jumped in, haha :)

Cutest Companion EVER!! :)

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