November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Quote of the week: "I hope you aren't getting to be a... what's the word?... trunker?"

I love cool weather. Like. Way too much. This week while Sister Adorable and I were tracting, it was chilly. And I was so excited that I started skipping! Maybe my enthusiasm for the cold will rub off on my Texan companion, haha. I love her :)

Well. Our investigator M. dropped us. Moving on.

The W. Family is doing really well. We were so bummed to miss them last week, but they were, too. We talked to the 13 year old daughter and invited her to the YW's Night of Excellence and she's way stoked! She's all lined up with a ride and everything. I like this ward. They're rockstars. I don't think I express that enough. But I felt a LOT of love for them this week. :)

I like helping people move. We did that a lot this week. Which was fun :)

Halloween was great! We had to be in at 6pm. Sooo I spent 2 hours writing in my journal, and then I went to bed at 9:30! Go team! But while I was writing, I realized something really cool. A few weeks back Sister Adorable was talking to me about how she had all these goals for her mission. She wanted to help a family come back to activity, she wanted to help someone get on their mission, she wanted to teach a part member family etc. And as we've talked, she's seeing that a lot of those things  have happened. And I thought, "Well. I should've done that!" I didn't feel like I had a vision of things to do over the course of the mission... just that I wanted to do good and be good. But then I thought a minute. And I realized that I felt that I would rather help people come to the gospel that would stay, than have a lot of baptisms. And you know what? Heavenly Father is answering that unspoken prayer. I haven't had a huge about of success as far as baptisms are concerned, but each person that the Lord has allowed me to teach and witness their baptism, is still active. And I am so grateful for that. We just gotta get our investigators M. & A. on that bandwagon, haha.

We had a really good lesson with them on Saturday. We felt very strongly that we needed to talk about the Spirit. So we did. And by the end of the lesson, we both felt like we know they've received an answer. And they know it, too. It's just hard because of his job, which we understand. They're still super solid... but we've just about done all we can as missionaries. Soo we'll see. The members are taking such good care of them. They're coming to our dinner appt and we'll be watching 'The Prophet' of the Restoration with a little testimony meeting afterwards. Speaking of testimony meeting. Yesterday was perfect. Sister Adorable and I were fasting that the members who bore their testimonies would be in line with what they needed to hear. And our prayers were answered. They know they're getting baptized. It's just a matter of when. It's hard when they have to choose between paying the bills, or joining the church. Any advice from any RMs would be fantastic.

Aaaaand that's a wrap! Life is good! :)
Til next week,
Sis Jacobs.

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