November 10, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014

Quote of the week: "You have no idea how badly I wanted to take my leg off and smack him with it!"

Well. What a week!!!

Our investigators M. and A. They know!!!!!!! Sis Adorable and I walked away from our lesson last Monday and we both just know that they know. We also feel pretty strongly that this is supposed to be a trial of their faith and that M. isn't going to get another job until they make the initial leap of faith for baptism. It's weird how I just know it. But I do. Anyway. They've been really busy this week so our next lesson is tonight They're so close! Keep praying! They'll get there

A few weeks back one of the YW asked us if we would write in a harmony line for the song "I am His Daughter" so she and her friends could sing it at the YWs night of excellence. We helped them learn the harmony and they sounded great!! It made me cry. Surprise, haha The YW of the church are so amazing. But really though, so amazing

I haven't told y'all about our other investigator A! Well. We met her on Halloween. We were tracting and it was a bit chilly. We didn't dress for the weather so we were chilly, too. We decided to knock doors near dinner which happened to be in a wealthier neighborhood. Like the great and spacious building. Or, rather, lots of little great and spacious buildings. Usually the people aren't all that receptive in that part of the are. Anyway. It was a weirdest thing. Every street that we'd prayed about had at least one person who said they'd let us come back. That's a bit deal for that subdivision. Anyway. One of those people was A. She opened the front door and said, "It's cold outside! Come in!" So we did. We talked to her for quite a bit and the Spirit was really strong. Long story short, we went back for a lesson this week We had planned to teach the Restoration, but when we got there, all she needed to know was that God loves her. We talked a lot about that. The whole lesson. She has had a lot on her shoulders. And it's nothing that I could relate to. Nothing at all. I remember praying in my heart that Father in Heaven would put the scripture in my mind that I needed to share with her, because I couldn't do it alone. He guided us as we taught together.

A few days later, we were thinking about her again and decided to "heart attack" her front door. This is my all time favorite way to show people I love them Sis Adorable and I got sticky notes and put Book of Mormon scriptures and quotes from the apostles and all sorts of good stuff on them. We stuck them all over her door and drove on our merry way. On Saturday she texted us to thank us for the notes and we invited her to church. At our lesson on Wednesday she mentioned that she is very much "spiritual" and not very "religious," so we didn't really expect her to come. But on Sunday morning, she asked for the address and brought her husband, M. We met him for the first time at church. We're really looking forward to seeing her again this week She is the sweetest sweetheart in the world. About 2 minutes after she left church, she texted us again and thanked us for inviting her. I love her lots

We had a great meeting this week with a guest speaker who has been teaching institute for like 30 years. It was amazing to watch him teach. As he taught, he said something about the cleansing power of the spirit because of the Atonement. So, essentially, every time that you feel the Spirit, you're feeling the cleansing power of the atonement! I personally think that's why the Spirit tingles. because it's a part of being cleansed I thought that was so cool!

The Dent Family threw a special Utah State University themed dinner this week. I love my fellow Aggies Sis Adorable didn't love it, haha.

Hodson, Sister Dent, Daniel, Brother Dent, Kyler, Gammon,
Me, Katya and Brigham. Good family 

The Young Women's Night of Excellence Program was themed "Be your own hero."
Sis Adorable, Maya, Olivia, Eliza, Cambrie, Aidyn, me. They're so cute

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