June 3, 2014

Sister Jacobs - June 2, 2014

Quote of the Week: 'Oh the boogeyman is gonna get you, girl!'

Goooooooooood morning!!

This week has been pretty good! I don't have much to share, because it's been a short week since I wrote last Wednesday :P

On Thursday we had our monthly RS luncheon! There are some members who have a cute little pond on their property and they invited us all to come fishin'!! I think the last time I went fishing was in Activity days... Looooong time ago, haha. It was lots of fun and I love these ladies! I am so grateful that even though the branch is spread thin, they support us and come with us and help us as missionaries.

Tracting has been very interesting this week. It's been really hard... We've felt a lot of opposition and have had many opportunities to be bold. Something that I've been working on, but every time we come across someone who thinks they know the truth about what we believe, my own testimony is strengthened. I know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, simply from the peace and love I feel when I pour over its pages. I know that Christ's church has been restored in its fullness and that I have been put in this place at this time to testify of those very things. Everything that He does for us is through love, and he expects us to love those around us just like He does. I know that Father in Heaven has blessed me with the desire and ability to love. I also know that there's so much more I can do with that love. But I have no doubt that He will show me what He expects and how to achieve it.

This week Kristina invited us to dinner. Her 2 sons were there this time. Dylan is 10 and Kaden is 7. We were able to share the Restoration video with her cute boys. When the conversation, "What does it mean to be saved?" "I'd like to know that for myself" played, Dylan spoke up, "Yeah. What does it mean? And how are we saved?" Soooooooo... we finished the video and talked to him a bit more about what being "saved" really means and entails. We gave them each a copy of the Book of Mormon and Dylan held it to his chest and said, "I'm going to cherish this forever!" Cutest boys ever.

Well. I've got about a month left in the best area in the mission, and I'm fixin' to make a world of difference out here! The Lord has a lot in store for this little branch and I am so blessed to be a part of it.
Til next week,
Sister Jacobs. 
Photo 1 - My fish! His name is Chomper.

Photo 2 - Sis Reese and I. We love Georgia 

Photo 3 - Dinner at a member's home

Photo 4 - Relief Society Activity - Fishing! 

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