June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 - Opposition is never fun, but . . .

Hey, hey, hey!!
First, my epiphany for the week. This week Sister Reese and I had something to work through. We talked a lot and came to understand one another so much better. At the end of that conversation I knew that our companionship on the mission would lead to a life-long and even an eternal friendship. The next day we saw D. and B. They had their own disagreement and D. asked us to come over and help her find some Book of Mormon scriptures to add to her bible verses. As we taught and even shared the experience that we had the previous night, I remember saying, "Opposition is never fun while we go through it, but when we overcome, the victory is sweet." Like, Alma 32:42 kind of sweet. And I realized that I too am grateful for opposition that I overcome. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude. What a blessing. What a wonderful blessing.

That being said, transfers have fallen upon us again. I'm officially leaving this wonderful little area. Back to the city I go! I'll be serving in the Lilburn Stake, the Dacula ward. While my heart hurts to leave, I feel a great sense of peace knowing I have fulfilled my assignment here. I'm excited for what the Lord has in store for me! I'm excited to overcome opposition, to find those who are prepared and teach like crazy! I'm not gonna lose any momentum! :)
The work continues to move forward!
Also. If you want a rockin' awesome study, go for the topic 'Armor of God'. While listening to the Seminary song (found on youth.lds.org), Armor of God. If that doesn't get you pumped to do work... I dunno what would! Haha.
Lova y'all!
~Sister Jacobs.

Gotta love the south! :)

Gotta love the South!! :)

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