May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Quote of the week: 
You know you're a missionary when you say things like:
"After this service project, can we please go straight home and change
into normal clothes?!"  Skirts *are* normal clothes. Don't judge 

Tender mercies are everywhere! Take a look. Once you make a habit of
looking for them, and recording them, you'll see them everywhere!
Talking about our tender mercies is my favorite part of the day 

We spent a lot of time this week in preparation for B.'s big day!
Her brother drove down from Ohio with his sweetheart for
the baptism and confirmation. They really have an awesome story. B. and
her brother were separated when they were fairly young and lost
contact with each other for about 50 years. B. adopted and her brother
ended up going to foster care. Finally they got in touch with
each other! They've been in touch since, but hadn't seen each other
for 2-3 years until the baptism. Cool story, right?!  Also, B. 
a rockstar. We all know that we experience opposition when we take big
strides to do what's right. Her opposition was her leg surgery. She
was supposed to go in Friday, a week before her baptism, but it was
delayed til Monday. She was in a LOT of pain and couldn't put any
pressure on her bad leg for 4 days. Til Friday. Thursday night her leg
wasn't getting any better, but she was determined to get baptized.
Friday morning, it was still really hard for her, but she came and we
helped her in and out of the font. Much like Sister Bray's baptism,
actually. She's a miracle! That's for sure! The longer I'm here the
more obvious it is that Father in Heaven is blessing me with the
opportunity to take part in the joy these people experience. Every
baptism I've been a part of has been handed to me, I feel. Yes, we are
obedient and we work hard. But when these people are ready, they. are.

B's brother and his wife were so sweet. They took B. out to get some new
dresses, and they're ordering her a large print quad *and* a
subscription to the Ensign! These people are so amazing. B.'s home
situation isn't the best or the easiest, and her brother is seeing that
it improves. And we'll be there every step of the way! 

We invited two of our other investigators, R. & TA to come to the baptism and
they said they'd be there for sure! While we were helping B. get
ready I remember not hearing their voices in the other room and I
thought to myself, "Well. I guess they're just another couple of
investigators that fail to keep their commitments..." When we wheeled
B. into the chapel, there they were! Talking with Elder and Sister
Elder and with big ole smiles on their faces! They really enjoyed it!
TA seems interested and willing to learn about the gospel. 

Momma D.  is still our rock star! She's always watching out for us,
and making sure we're alright. I've never felt more loved and watched
over than in this area. You'd be amazed at how many people tell us
that if anything happens or if we need anything, to go to their home.
And it's not just members either. Complete strangers while we're
tracting will make sure we've got everything we need. I. love. the.
South!  Oookay. Back to D. She's so excited, not only for her
baptism, but for the temple! We'll talk to her more about that this

Another investigator, B., has a soft commitment to get baptized on June 14th as
well. We've taught her the 1st two lessons, and now that she is
learning, her husband wants to, too. Sooooo we're gonna have a big
party lesson this week with a member family, D., B. and her husband & we'll 
review the Restoration with the infamous DVD!

As we check up with the members and their 21 day challenge, they're
beginning to see how they can help! What they can do, and people they
can talk to! They are so amazing! They are such strong members always
willing to do whatever they need to to help out. These people know how
to accept an assignment and put their whole heart into it. I could
learn a thing or two from them 

Oh my heck. I almost forgot about our investigator M.!! Okay. So we were tracting
this kinda country road when all of the sudden we're in Toon Town of
Disneyland! But really though! We see this old fashioned gas station
and another building right next to it. This guy was in the garage
working on his car so we went up to him and met our new best friend,
M.! He was super nice! After a minute of talking, we asked him where
in the world we were and he told us that it's his favorite hobby to
restore things. And now that he's retired, that's what he does all
day! He showed us around his little shop and it was so great. I can't
even begin to tell you! We didn't have our cameras on us, but we're
totally going back to take pics! My favorite thing that he does is
he takes the back of an old car... and turns it into a couch! A
couch!!!! I sat on one. It was cool. You'll die when you see it. Sis
Reese and I seriously felt like we had died and gone to heaven. Or
that we were at Disneyland. Same difference, haha  He told us that
if anyone was mean to us or wouldn't listen to our message, to take
them to him and he'd straighten them out. I almost asked him if he
just wanted to come tracting with us, haha. 

Having fun as a missionary, or in life in general is so important  I like to think
that Father in Heaven sees the funny things we do and has a good
laugh, too.

Preach My Gospel Epiphany- Rely on the Spirit to know what to pray for (pg 94).
When we pray, and truly listen to the Spirit, He guides our prayers
and builds our faith.

A few weeks back we had a super busy Pday. Pdays are always busy and
it's tough to find new investigators and other people to talk to
because we don't do as much tracting on Mondays, especially when it's
dark (thank goodness it's staying lighter longer!). I'd really been
working on this aspect of my prayers and Monday morning I remember
asking for unforeseen opportunities to find people to talk to that
day. We spent some time with Momma D. and she needed to go to
Walmart. So we went with her and she knew the whole place! It was
fantastic. I saw those opportunities as tender mercies, people that
the Lord put in our path because of a prayer in faith. When I pray
like that, I feel like the purpose of prayer is truly fulfilled, not
to "change the will of God but to secure for ourselves blessings that
God is already willing to grant but that are made conditional on our
asking for them" (BD prayer). It truly aligns our will with His. I
have a lot more to learn about prayer, but I am grateful for the
things that Father in Heaven has taught me thus far 

We're working hard! We're doing our best! And the Lord is blessing us
like crazy!  I sure love it here. So. much. love 

Til next week!
~Sister Jacobs

Momma D. She made us lunch a few Pdays ago 

We went on an adventure this week.

B's baptism. Brother, B., Me and Sister Reese.

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