December 2, 2013

You gotta keep your head up! - Dec. 2, 2013

Happy December!!
Can you believe it?! In my mind it's still May!

Well, transfers are still hard. I was told that after my first transfer, it would all get a lot less sad. False. Haha :) I'm just grateful that I know that it's all in the Lord's hands. The only One who knows the end from the beginning is the only One who is in charge of it all. It's comforting :) 

My new companion is Sister Rebecca Sullivan from Texas! And her favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road :) We get along. Which is good :)

Thanksgiving this week was great! All 6 of us missionaries got to have dinner together (which never happens) and the Smith family invited a bunch of their family, too!! It was so fun. I had my first fried turkey! :) Yay! At the end of that lovely dinner, we sang with everyone Families Can be Together Forever. It was a tender moment :)

Friday was... my 6 Month mark!!! :) I can't even believe it! I remember when I first came out, I asked everyone how long they'd been out and if they were out 6 months or longer, then their advice was valid. Haha! Silly Sister... :) I have since learned that we are all always learning how to be better missionaries! Even the missionaries who have 2 weeks left have something to improve on :)

This week I've been thinking a lot about what my purpose is here. Not as a missionary, but in my area specifically. And another Sister told me this, "Does it matter? As long as we're being obedient and doing the best we can, that purpose will be fulfilled." Yup. That's true. So I've been working on having more faith that my purpose is being fulfilled :)

I'm grateful for the Gospel. I'm grateful for priesthood blessings. I'm grateful for people who know better than I do what is best for me. I'm grateful for all of you and the support y'all provide. 

~Sister Jacobs.

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