July 12, 2013

Perfect Week!

June 24, 2013
Perfect Week!

Hello friends and family!!
This week has been awesome! I've tried to write down specific things that I want to share throughout the week so I'm not just talking about the weekend. 

As Sister Loader and I walked around our complex, we saw a lady taking stuff from the back of her car so we stopped to talk to her and she said, "I no speak English" So um... I talked to her in Spanish!!! Woo hoo!! I was able to ask her about her beliefs and she gave me permission to refer her to the Spanish elders! She was super patient with me, but I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. It meant a lot.

This week we also went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders (like the sister zone leaders of sorts). I went with Sister Paepaetaata to her area and it was so great! I learned so much from her! In the evening we visited a less active lady and she had Disney stuff *everywhere*!!! Her walls were red and everything in her home was Mickey! That was my tender mercy for the day.

That fireside ('The Work of Salvation' at http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/mormon-lmissionary-work-worldwide-broadcast?CID=HPL2P01W01032) was great last night, am I right?! Something that really stuck out to me was the importance of less actives. I don't remember the exact quote, but it was said that whether they hadn't heard the message before or they heard it once and had forgotten, they need visits and love! As I thought about it, every person on this Earth knew the message at one point and forgot because of the veil. So really every person on the street is less active and it's our job (as missionaries and members) to remind them of the infinite love that Heavenly Father has for them!

Well. I know that this isn't as detailed as last week, but I'm short on time. Guess what?! The church is true!! I love it! I love you all dearly!
Til next week,
Sister (and sometimes Hermana) Jacobs :)

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