July 12, 2013

**Missionary, missionary, tractin through the rain...

July 8, 2013

(** From Mom's missionary tapes that I listened to when I was little.)

Friends! Family! Hi. I love you all. Like, a lot.

First of all... I got notice on Saturday that mail isn't getting to us. Which was kind of a relief at first, haha. I was like, "Isn't the beginning of my mission supposed to be when I get the most mail?" 3 weeks later, empty mailbox. But that's okay! I talked to our mailman, Antonio and asked if he knew why it wouldn't be getting to us. He tried to explain how forwarding works and then saw my name tag. He goes (in his Spanish accent), "Seester? You know. I think I bin gettin mail for a seester. But I bin sendin it back. I write down your address and take out da block." Hallelujah! So, if you've sent me a letter and got it back, I apologize for your wasted stamp, but if you send it again, I'll get it for sure! Woot!

I love Georgia. It's so great. :) Some excerpts from the week.
4th of July. I wore my red shirt, Mom! I hope you did, too! :) (We have matching shirts. I did wear mine that day.) We had a breakfast with the ward and there were a couple of investigators there, that was cool :)
RAIN!! I LOVE RAIN! We were walking around on the 4th of July and it wasn't raining. We knocked on a door. We waited for about 30 seconds. It was pouring! I'm so grateful for my umbrella and my raincoat. It's so fun. Man. So fun. We've been told over and over that this isn't normal to have this much rain in July but hey, I'm not complaining! Rain lessens the heat! Love it! :)

We were driving on a fairly busy road when the car in front of us just stopped. So we stopped behind them. After about 15 seconds, we saw why they stopped. Geese. Geese were crossing the street. 11 of them! I felt like Count Dracula from Sesame Street. "One, two, three... eleven! Eleven geese!"

The work is good! Our bishopric loooves missionary work! We're focusing a lot on getting the members pumped. Whenever we talk about missionary work to Brother Hope, even I get pumped about missionary work! More than usual! It's so great. I got another referral to the Spanish missionaries! It went better than last week's, too! All thanks to Spanish speaking missionary friends who answer my emails. :) This is something that I want to do at least once a week. Guess what? The church is true. And Heavenly Father loves us. He wants us to be happy, and everything that He does for us is all about our happiness! Awesome, right? :) 
I love ya'll! 
(^Look at me... gettin all Southern :))
Sister Jacobs

-Quote for the week from Sister Loader:
I love Barbie! Some people don't like her because she has gross proportions as a real person. I don't care. She's a fictional character! Can you imagine the proportions of a cabbage patch kid in real life?!
-Things Elders don't have to think about:
Skirts. Two examples...
We walked out the door and sat in the car, "You know, I really don't remember this skirt having a seam down the middle." Yup. I put it on sideways.
We came home at the end of the day, "Oh my gosh! No wonder my skirt feels weird, it's on wrong!" Yup. They shift throughout the day. 

Love it!

Happy 4th of July! My skirt is soaked, haha :)

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